Monday, June 15, 2009

greeny sheen.

it goes without saying that I love ikea. I definitely think people have either a love-relationship or a hate-relationship with the place... it can be entirely overwhelming to step into the monstrosity of a housewares superstore if you don't plan accordingly. my secret? know what you're going into the store for, and anything else that weasles its way into your basket...well, weigh your "I-need-this-versus-I-want-this-and-can-justify-its-miniscule-price" feelings once you roll your little basket to the self-checkout. if you plan to go into the store without any plan whatsoever, you're likely to endure heightened nerves and irregular breathing at the hand of hasty crowds and a span of furniture and house trinkets that rival the expanse of santa's workshop. so bottom line? have a plan. even if it's as simple as mine was yesterday (must. find. potted tree.)

...and yes, I walked out with sought-after plant, another small potted plant, a rug, a frame, and a handful of kitchen trinkets. I think plants just scream summertime... and I suppose a new element of my domesticity is kicking in. as luck would have it, neither of my precious live adornments are featured here, but trust me, if you're curious about adding some greenery to your place but skeptical about maintenance, do a teensy bit of research and don't spend exorbitant amounts of money trying to sustain your own greenhouse in a 200 square foot space, and you're likely to head toward success. another tip? I'd say about 80% of ikea's plantlife is low maintenance... we're talking moderate sunlight, watering every couple days or so. I purchased my first plant (the same species I ran to again this weekend) from Ikea a few months back, sat it in my dresser (a good 6 feet away from my window) and water it maybe twice a week... it's growing and vibrant and I love the added color in the mix of my picture frames, reflecting back from my mirror. the frisco store had the tree I was looking for, but at this time of year, every single one of the pots featured a nasty yellow-brown leaf clinging to its trunk. not in the mood to get too ambitious and revive anything, I opted for its little brother... one about half the size.

and you know... if you're really not too confident, there's always something of this variety that could use some TLC.

I'll post pictures of my own soon! still without a quality camera. :/ woe is me.

happy Monday!

--meg & maiz.

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