Friday, July 23, 2010

help me figure this out. someone. please?

Waaay back in my college years, there existed an era initiated by some perky, not-so-bright, albeit probably adorable gal, who decided to start an epidemic of a fashion statement with Uggs, Tempo shorts and topped it allll off with a fleece. The unfortunate get-up looked a little something like this:

matching need not apply.

I wish I was kidding.

Sister, your Mikimotos, Ray Bans and Burberry headband aren't going to make the rest of this disaster any more promising. Trade the running shorts for some Hudsons and we'll be okay. The amusing sad part of the entire wave of poor fashion is that it seems to me, the outfit was created to convey a sense of, "wow, I don't care what I look like, so I'm going to wear a $200 headband along with this mix of exactly what each one of my roommates carefully selected this morning en route to Sociology class." I too, own these pieces, and NEVER WEAR THEM ALL TOGETHER, because I am not 5.

Someone please tell me this isn't still happening. I don't understand it to begin with, but I'm just hoping against hope that this trashy phase has ended. By no means am I saying a girl needs to priss up for class, but for the love, please just get dressed. Wear your Tempos with RUNNING SHOES. Wear your Uggs with jeans. You got into college, surely you can figure this formula out too. Your parents pay an obscene amount of money for you to play here, stop dressing like a disgusting slob.

Rant over.

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