Tuesday, July 27, 2010

inside the arsenal.

Like a lot of womankind, I am borderline neurotic when it comes to products. Foundation, mascara, self-tanner, nail polish, face scrub, deep conditioner, eye cream, toothpaste... I have criteria for EVERYTHING that touches my body. I will experiment with things here and there, but it usually requires nothing short of an act of God for me to stray from my favorites. Why fix it if it ain't broke, right?

Thus, maybe, uh, take heed when I divulge my secrets. You are in no way obligated to stick to my regime, just know that many, many, many mall trips, sephora orders, and hard-earned dollars have been invested in testing and falling in love with my loot... much like the man hours you've devoted to finding THE PERFECT EYELINER. No, what works for me may not work for you, but if you're in need of some direction, I just might be your girl.

Moving along to the matter at hand... I was born with a mess of wavy hair. A head full of chestnut-hued tendrils that slowly kinked their way into "wavy-curly" by the time I hit junior high. Back then, in conjunction with the poorly-chosen Doc Marten sandals and Groucho Marx eyebrows I donned, the pre-Chi days of my wavy mane were just the icing on the cake of awkwardness. However, in the past decade, I do believe I have developed quite the toolbox of styling goods to transition me out of awkward into a more acceptable category. And since then, I take crazy pride in the compliments I receive about my hair. No, I'm no Natalie Hill, but I still rock the ringlets with the best of 'em. Only recently have I begun being asked about what specific products I use, so I thought I might spill the details to the masses inform my loyal readers what I trust my hair to.

Cue the glamour shot.

(I look incredibly uncomfortable/awkward/strange when I don't smile in pictures.
excuse the appearance of an ego trip here, please. I'm not nearly as narcissistic as this might lead one to believe.)

*Also, let it be known that I've passed along these tips/products to girls who don hair that is slightly wavy, and the process seems to give them beachy chic kink that is muy popular right now!

Alrighty... when you're wrapped in a towel after emerging from the shower, spritz on some John Freida Heat Defense Spray and immediately scrunch your locks, especially your bottom layer and the pieces in the front. These seem to be the most noticeable if they're limp, once hair is dry. Find at Target, Walmart, wherever... around $7-$8. Works very well to tame frizz and isn't sticky or smelly.

As you towel dry your lock, loosely separate into 3-4 sections (or more, depending on thickness), from hairline to crown to nape. Hold the bottle of Kenra Root Lifter about 6-8 inches from your scalp and spray lightly on your wet roots, from ear to ear. Massage into roots. Find this at tons of salons, kenra.com, and I think Beauty Brands has it. $15ish. Can be sticky if you apply too much. Also great on straight hair and updos--best root lifter EVER.

Back to the cheap seats! Squirt a dollop of Tressemme mousse into your palm and massage into the length of your hair as you scrunch. Again, gauge your dollop size on your hair thickness & amount, and concentrate on the ends and front pieces as these will be the most noticeable once your hair is dry. Find it at Target, Walmart, drugstores. $3.

My newfound love! I discovered Redken's Ringlet Curl Enhancer in a sample form on a little rendezvous to a beauty supply store with my aunt and a beautician-buddy of hers. Use 1-2 pumps of this jazz and again, massage into hair length much like you did the mousse. Continue scrunching as you begin to blowdry. Has a milky, serum-gel combination texture--not sticky or smelly. Seems to coat your hair, promote curl and bounce, and eliminate frizz. I love this stuff. Find at salons. $17ish.

Ahh, old faithful. I've used this stuff for the past five years and was horrified to find out they discontinued it years ago... I keep finding Bedhead's Uptight at random Targets and the salons at the front of Walmarts, so I won't freak out just yet. If you want to skip out on anything I've suggested, this would NOT be it. I do believe this is the flour to the cake. Spray liberally on all of your hair as you scrunch and blowdry. This DOES get sticky, so be forewarned. The scent is amazing--very pineappley. It works best when you blowdry, so remember that. $13ish (NOT $28 like amazon says. LIES.)

We're almost finished!! As your blowdrying commences, gaze into the mirror and admire your work of art. Spray Kenra's Volume Spray over your entire head. Find at salons and kenra.com. Also great for everyday use. Sticky enough to keep your hair the way you want it all day... not gross sticky though, and doesn't leave hair too stiff, in my opinion. $15ish.

Voila! You're done, girlfriend! Admire your bouncy, supple, shiny curls and thank the hair gods for your gift of salon-worthy talent. If you're not ready to commit to the toolbox, I'd begin your search for the Tresemme and the Bedhead. I've added the other products along the way, and since, have noticed I can depend on my hair nearly always looking the same way... not worrying about weather or other factors changing the way my hair falls.

Good luck! Please keep me posted on how it goes for you, or suggest any other go-to's that you have!

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  1. i'm going to have to try this stuff, I have a feeling we have similar hair...but I'm in that frustrated-unaccepting-whycantmyhairjustbestraightandsmooth-place.
    Do you blow-dry with a diffuser?
    ...what about these brazilian blow-outs I've been hearing about, to make you all silky and smooth, whether straight or curly?


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