Friday, July 30, 2010

shower power - part uno.

This week's uncharacteristic downpours in Texas warrant a fashion post dedicated to wet weather wear. I am a boot FIEND. Love me some black heeled boots paired with a great high-waisted pencil skirt, cognac-hued knee highs pulled over skinny jeans, short suede booties, uggs with leggings and a sweater dress, and yes... rain boots. a.k.a. wellies. [please do not refer to them as "galoshes." ew.]

Jennifer Aniston played a big role in thrusting the already-well-known label Hunter into mainstream awareness. Her Smartwater magazine campaign features a carefree Aniston frolicking and splashing around in a pair of original talls...

Initially, I didn't pay much attention to the Hunter label slapped on Aniston's shin... however, I really, really loved the advertisement, and found it in nearly every single one of the eight magazines I subscribe to. Seeing as my trusty ol' rain boots have seen better days, I've been interested in possibly investing in a new pair... even though I'm not in college anymore, yes.

Hunter pretty much paved the way for the rest of boot makers, in my opinion. Their classic, no-frills approach to the design is so effortlessly cool, and with the array of splashy colors, what's not to love?

The color palette is vast, to be sure... I would never know which ones to choose! ...and I hardly have reason to own one pair of $120 rain boots, let alone multiple pairs. While orange is my longtime fav, I am drooling over the green, beige and red as well. What do you think?

Hunter takes it up a notch with some glitzier options in the Carnaby and Savoy lines.

Everyone seems to have jumped on the boot bandwagon... whereas the wellie boot originated during the 18th century, they've evolved into a staple piece taking up residence in the closets of trendy women all over the states.

Burberry is also known for its impeccable design and stylish simplicity. The iconic khaki plaid is timeless, and while I'm not innately drawn to Burberry bags and such, there's something about their rain gear that I've always, always loved.

The possibilities are just about endless... tons of colors, styles, finished, embellishments. The tough part is figuring out what style you want to don, as well as what fits your budget.

(while I don't splash michael kors logos frequently,
there's something about prancing around in boots that are splayed
with MY initials that makes me smile!)

and there you have it! what do you think of rain boots? do you own a pair? did they graduate from your wardrobe when you graduated from college?

part two of shower power comes at you tomorrow--I'll delve into the aisles of target and the like to bring you a basketful of budget-friendly options!

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  1. I love the quilted black patent!! And the Tory. (Duh.) But the Burberry, of course, are my tried and true so you can't go wrong with those. But I still think the quilted black patent are my absolute fave. They're so... Chanel. Get those!

    And I love the homage to Jen. :)


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