Wednesday, July 21, 2010

smells like teen spirit.

(...or something.)

Any other gal who is a self-professed makeup maven knows sephora is the mothership. My heart leaps a little every single time my eyes meet the sight of those telltale black and white stripes, the gateway to all things cosmetic... all my favorites under one roof? Could it be true? Well, of course it is.

Being that my little hometown is not metropolitan enough to house a sephora playground, I am forced to summon the internet for my last-minute makeup needs. And cue last week when I made the command decision that my eye shadow stash was frightfully scant. And then I found this:

The reviews I read left me a little skeptical, but my personal final verdict is that the palette is perfect for brown-eyed girls who want color for both day and night. The casing is super-slim, and the colors span the spectrum of neutral and matte to bold and glittery. Such a bargain! But p.s. the brush sucks. Invest in an eyeshadow brush. You're welcome.

Another perk to sephora's internet party are the SAMPLES. Every order includes 3 samples--an advantage that has led to some of my favorite beauty discoveries (clarins self-tanner, philosophy's amazing grace perfume, philosophy's purity made simple face wash)... and some disappointments, too. The bonus there is having the opportunity to try products without dropping wads of cash, uncertain of your results.

Another tangent: I am a perfume fiend. I wore ralph lauren romance for years, shifted to coco chanel mademoiselle, and then dolce & gabbana light blue, and finally decided to branch out a bit more. while RL romance triggers memories of high school theater productions and football games, I'd like to permanently bid it farewell. CC mademoiselle is timeless and I don't think I could ever tire of it. D&G had its day too--light and breezy, but reminds me too much of frat parties and the like. and now, as an "adult," I've fell in love with half-a-dozen other fragrances--(my dresser is crowded with an array of clinky glass bottles) especially all things juicy--and I won't ever look back.

Yet another plus! I googled "sephora discount code" and found a code for a free juicy rollerball, in my latest fav scent, couture couture. It snaps right on my 8-pound set of keys and smells every bit as potent as the pretty stuff that sprays from the bottle. LOVE. (sidenote: juicy--like most labels--sells their fragrances in rollerballs that are ideal for traveling. geniuses, these people are, I tell you.)

Now for the other goods... I am thrilled to announce that all the samples I received this week were hits. While I'm hesitant to latch on to most new products (I'll try most anything, but I definitely have my longtime go-to's), Yves St. Laurent Parissiene and Michael Kors Very Hollywood are two amazing aromas that I can't get enough of. Both resemble the D&G I used to wear, and are very feminine and light, but seem like they could work year-round. I can't wait to get my paws on a full-sized version of each... or at least Very Hollywood. I'd snag it based on the chunky pink & gold bottle alone.

What are your must-have scents? Do any of them jolt particular memories for you?

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  1. I always stick with Marc Jacobs as my staple scent. I usually rotate 2 other scents around it to spice it up a bit. Right now my 2 rotations are YSL Parisienne and MJ Lola!


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