Thursday, August 12, 2010

rolling, rolling, rolling...

Clearly, it's reached the stage of "obsession." Hang-up, fixation, passion, craze. Whatever.

But let's talk magazines again.

Because let's face it... magazines are so much better apt to sell, sell, sell when their glossy front covers are dripping with appeal. As someone who's spent a few gazillion hours in the print business, I am pretty familiar with just how much time, effort and stress is invested in layout decisions, font varieties, color wheels, photo lighting... le sigh. And being the prototypical OCD-perfectionist-detail-oriented-design-loving-dork that I am, I truly fall in love with magazine covers. Every last, seemingly-mundane detail. And I think Rolling Stone nails it every single time.

I can attest that I've never plucked a Rolling Stone from the newsstand, however, IMHO they've captured the celebs of my era in the most salacious-meets-relatable forms--dating all the way back to Miss Britney, in that OH-SO-SCANDALOUS shot of her tanned teenage bod... pre-Madonna, pre-Federline, pre-head-shaving.

Can't leave out Ms. Dirrrrrrty, herself. Classic Christina channeling her inner Mae West, all the while staying true to her patriotism!!! What's not to love?

Clearly, Leighton and Blake are spot on with their metaphor of just how addicting Gossip Girl is. Come on? Ice cream and two hot girls nose-to-nose? Clearly this flew off the newsstands.

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor... gorgeous and whimsical and princessy--just like your jams. So timeless. Easily could be a cover from thirty years ago.

I think KP is so pretty... lose the gallons of mascara and blue hair, and seriously? Homegirl's a fox. This shot is so vulnerable and natural--such a far cry from her music and silly look-at-me get-ups.

I mean, seriously? Is there a better depiction of insanely handsome Boy Next Door? Answer: NO.

Another fav... clearly The Hills has been under tons of speculation, but surely we can all remember the beginning, right? The days of non-Barbiefied-Heidi and Jordan the Oaf and that chihuahua puppy she wanted so badly (where the hell did that dog go anyway?)... fresh-faced Lauren and Whitney sharing a closet at Teen Vogue, under the watch of balding Lisa Love... Jason being an all-around drunken D-bag... Audrina, pre-plastic. Those were the days.

Again---cue the memories of yesteryear!! I still own (and watch) every season of Newlyweds, thankyouverymuch. This pose was a little racy for Mrs. Lachey Ms. Simpson. It definitely chronicled the height of their wedded hay day, though, didn't it? And don't worry that the poster format of this most definitely had a place on my dorm wall, freshman year.

And yes, while I know she's a full-on loose cannon freak show, I love this shot of LiLo. Unfortch, this probably was a ominous sign of things to come, what with that fiery redhead busting out of her bustier shell... but I love that she's not cracked out yet, no nasty blonde hair, constantly present Marlboro Red, or outfits consisting solely of leggings and tattered XXL flannel shirts.

And here we go... pushing the envelope again. Both with the nekkidness and the buttery blonde. Oh, Brit Brit... I think we're leaving the "Not Yet A Woman" phase circa NOW.

And my newest fav... the Glee cast! This shot channels a mid-90s shot of the Friends cast... and I love it! There's something about covers with multiple people smiling back at you... I guess it's knowing how much fun the shoot must have been, or imagining the chemistry and friendship between the people, but I love it. I know some photoshopping is involved, but the amount of effort and cohesiveness that this type of project requires is just mind-boggling to me. Ahh, I love it.

Compare the two--both are amazing. Why fix it if it ain't broke, right??

(notice just how much skin was exposed 15 years ago, versus now.)

What's your favorite RS cover? Are you a nerd like me and do you have a favorite all-time cover (any magazine)??

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