Wednesday, August 11, 2010

shower power - part dos. (from the cheap seats.)

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Okay, okay so here's round two of the rainboot roundup. as previously mentioned, I currently reside in a part of the country that doesn't allow for too much donning of the wellies. And therefore, I cannot justify tossing upwards of $200+ for such.

Lo, there are alternatives. Mainstream America has answered the call of college girls (and trendy femmes of all ages, in fact) facing precarious precipitation... and in response, churned out many an option for a gal to adorn before braving the downpours and puddle aftermath.

Baby tangent: In college, I worked at a local boutique that was the go-to joint for the latest in fashion finds (read: the only place to run to for designer jeans, juicy, ella moss, etc.)... as part of such an establishment, I was privy to sales and such before the rest of the masses flooded in. It was this fortune that afforded me the purchase of my first pair of rainboots, which hailed from Kiss My Feet--a line out of Nashville that has adorable rainwear options for the style conscious (also important--this was before Target had busted out with all things rainwear).

Unfortch, I couldn't dig up a pic of the exact pair I have, but the line is still out there, and they're still pumping out cute boots!

The classic and fun prints, as well as the rhinestone buckle detail makes these an awesome option to tuck your favorite jeans into. And I noticed on the website that ALL of their boots are half off... $50 is a great price for these boots--the quality is impeccable. I've had mine for five years and they still look new, and they're pretty comfortable.

Now onto Target... as my place in the demographic of 18-45 year-old women, I am a lover of all things Target. Target is my retreat for every emotion of life. I love the dollar aisle, the Market Pantry snacks, the irresistible housewares, the array of beauty products. EV-UH-RY-THANG. Push me through the automatic doors under the glowing red circles and all my worries fade away... (at least for the next hour, until I start fretting about the $100 that just dissolved from my clutches with the simple swipe of a card).

I digress. Back to business.

Target frequenters are aware of the fabulous footwear the mega-store offers... especially their variety of wellies. Check out these sweet options...

I know Liberty print is everywhere, but I love it.

These solid color puppies kinda resemble Hunter's line of classic boots. At $25 a pop, it's easily justifiable to own a pair in every color. If you have the closet space. Or live in Seattle.

[find more sweet options at target here!]

So there you have it. What about you? Do you own rainboots? Are you coveting a specific pair? Spill it, sister.

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  1. I just clicked onto your blog from Blue-Eyed Bride, and I'm so glad I did! I've been hankering for a pair of Hunter rain boots for a long time, but I could never justify the purchase. The Zetta ones from Target will more than do the trick! Thanks for the tip.


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