Monday, November 22, 2010

monday medley.

Good day, friends!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent mine gallivanting with my sweet, sweet boyfriend all over the great state of Texas, as a prelude to my favorite week of the year! [birthday week + thanksgiving = my most-anticipated 7 days of the calendar year--just like she-just-bein'-Miley, apparently.] That man of mine is way too good to me. ;)

Moving on! Here's a collaboration of the latest news, addictive sites and shopping goodness I've stumbled upon and couldn't NOT share with you!

  • I'm smitten with j. crew's line-up for spring 2011. the bold color palette and fun collaborations almost make me want to skip right through fall. [via a cup of jo]
  • Little known fact: I'm borderline obsessed with news stories/trials pertaining to missing people--especially young women (hence the past desire to feverishly pursue law school)... case in point, I wrote a huge paper about the disappearance of Chandra Levy when I was a sophomore in high school. oddly enough, her body was found a week later. That still creeps me out. :/ Now, nearly nine years later, justice is served.
  • In similar news, tests will soon reveal whether or not a bone discovered on the beaches of Aruba belongs to beautiful young Natalee Holloway. I am no breaking news reporter, but again, I got incredibly wrapped up in this case, especially in the months I lived in Birmingham. Both of Natalee's parents wrote books chronicling their search for their precious daughter. Please continue to pray for the Holloway family.
  • A heartbreaking story about a heroic pup.
  • In lighter news, I've recently realized my love for detailed illustrations. I keep stumbling across blogs and photostreams that I cannot get enough of. some of y'all are just amazingly talented.

[image courtesy of esti]

[image via southern flourish. LOVE this print!!]

  • What are you doing to prep for the holidays?? I've been jamming to classic Bing Crosby on my Pandora, sprucing up a little tree for my office (pun intended), and watching tons of my favorite Christmas flicks (Love Actually and The Family Stone, anyone??). This oldie-but-goodie is impossible to not stop quoting. I just found a copy on Amazon and can't wait to watch it for the first time in a couple years!
  • Have you picked out your holiday cards yet? These beauties are among my favorite--I can't get enough. But I need to get my butt in gear and finish sending them!!
  • I'm wanting to get into pinterest, but haven't been bitten by the bug yet. do any of you play with it?
  • Latest newfound blog to add to "favorite wedding blog list." swoon city.
  • I can't wait to grab a new planner for 2011! I color-code all my categories, and have quite the list of prerequisites for any planner I might be considering to invest my time and money into... this snazzy little laurel denise planner is at the top of my list right now!
  • Manfriend was sweet enough to whisk me away this weekend to my favorite city... he even played good sport as I surveyed the goodness at the mother ship. Oh Anthro, why do you do this to me? I want you, and you, and these, and this. Oh, and this one. And I want to live in this for the next 4 months--ahem, after our 80-DEGREE "winter" weather subsides. [WARNING: long, anthro-dedicated post coming soon!!!]
  • My decorating itch has been more and more apparent lately... I love the idea of cozy knit pillows tucked into an overstuffed couch. Homebunch is one of my latest house & decor blogs that I can't get enough of. They documented Jessica Alba's home being up for sale--and I love it! The Middle Eastern vibe and gorgeous colors are uncharacteristically cozy to me.

[via homebunch]

  • Thinking I need to add this to my Christmas list too. Need to balance the tech-y-ness of the ipad with a little bit of traditional, right?
  • I'm a total sucker for monograms. Urban was formerly my go-to for snarky phrased t-shirts, circa 2005. now, a lot of their home stuffs are super cute. What do you think?
Alas, that is all for now! More tomorrow... I'm back on the wagon!

Au revoir, kittens!

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  1. I am oddly enough drawn in by the missing women cases. I was obsessed with the Natalee Holloway case as I was living in a new town with no friends and multiple hours to spend on the computer. I was sad to hear that the bone was not hers. I so want her parents to have some closure.

    And I currently want EVERYTHING Anthro has out. I can't walk in that store for fear of completely depleting my bank account. le sigh...


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