Thursday, December 9, 2010

ornamental overload -- part I.

My beloved Christmas season is always illuminated by the requisite traditions and plans--from going all out in quest of THE perfect present for the finicky five-year-old cousin, to splaying decor of glittery goodness on anything that will stand still through the turn of the new year. This year, I decided (rather early, might I add), that I absolutely had to display a tree in my office. I reached this conclusion prior to Thanksgiving, so I've had about six LONG weeks to enjoy the sparkling greenery tucked in my cozy little 9-5 abode.

Stop judging.

Meanwhile, in my pursuit of channeling my inner Martha (ahem...Stewart), I journeyed out for the ideal combination of ornaments to tuck into my towering two-and-a-half-foot tree--not an easy feat for a detail-oriented control freak such as myself. I mean, where do you even start?? Many, many years of multiple Christmases has taught me the specifics: decor ranges from classic and predictable (holly berries and gold glass balls, anyone?) to sentimental and homemade (usually of the plaster of paris, tempera paint, yarn and macaroni noodle variety), cheesy and retro (foil-y icicles and big glass lights) to my personal favorite, the tiny symbols reflecting who you are. I'm in awe of every tree I behold--big or small, tacky or classic, authentic or artificial. I have a deep appreciation for your basic white twinkle lights, the big bulbous multi-colored fire hazards, beads and garland, balls, popcorn, cranberries, ribbon... do it up right.

So as I said, for me, it's all about personalization, from the monograms splashed on my walls and bags, to having my favorite photos angled on every flat surface within reach. My Christmas shrub tree wasn't going to be any different, natch.

[my exhilarating discover of my pre-lit, plastic tree went a little like this.]

Lo and behold, I stumbled upon a prize collection at Walmart, of all places. I swiped up my favorites, faster than you can say, "Oh, how the reindeer loved him."

[basking in all its pre-lit glory.]

[the angle I see from my perch.]

So then the monster was born. I can't stop searching for ornaments. There's not a snowball's chance in... well, you know... that I could fit another bite-size ceramic molding of ______ on my personal tree, but every girl has to have her collections right? RIGHT?

In other news, boyfriend is so very terrified excited to share in my newly discovered passion once our collections merge. But I digress.

My ornament search has spanned many o' website. I've collected a few of my favorites and brought them here for you to drool over too...

First and foremost: the mothership. I am a smitten kitten with all things Anthro when it comes to decorating my house and decorating my body, so why wouldn't I sprint there first for my tree-decorating needs?! Exactly. Don't fix it if it ain't broke, right? Boyfriend and I spent a weekend in Austin during my birthday week, and he got me the sweetest little one I couldn't stop staring at:

I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride, and he'd originally planned one for my birthday (this was supposed to commence after our venture to Austin)... lo and behold, the weather prevented us from going, but the ornament was a little promise to me that we'll go someday soon. I can't help but smile when it catches my eye.

Here are some other favs from the best place ever... and each of them, while preciously adorable, also has some kind of personal tie to me, whether it's an inside joke or former family pet (the dalmatian--NOT the giraffe, unfortch):

[all Anthro ornaments range from $18-$60]

Urban Outfitters is notorious for its quirky "vintage" vibe, spanning everything from tattered t-shirts to yes, you guessed it, Christmas decor too.

[all Urban Outfitters ornaments are between $12-$20]

Pier One has a pretty little selection, although not as great in the past, if I do say so myself. Can't get enough of the lipstick and diamond bling though. How precious are they?!

[Pier One ornaments about $7-$12/each]

And of course, to go along with my extreme obsession with the masterpiece that is Toy Story, I have to thank Target for its perfect depictions of my favorite Pixar heroes.

"the claaaaaaw!"

[Toy Story ornaments--via Target--$8/each]

How can you not love them? I mean, come on.

So, your turn. What does your tree look like?? Is there anything that absolutely goes on, year after year? I want to know. ;)

Word to the wise: if you're going to channel your inner Griswold, do us all a favor, and keep it a little bit sensible, no?

...More ornament reviews Friday!

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