Thursday, January 20, 2011


Why, hello 2011! You're looking mighty lovely.

Well here we are, kids... another year is underway. I love the exhilarating feeling of a new year, don't you? No wonder resolutions pop up on day 1. I for one, think resolutions are nearly, by definition, setting you up to fail. Come on, how many people get to December 31 and happily proclaim that their resolution was undoubtedly achieved? Uhh, right.

That said, I have plenty o' goals for myself in 2011! I'm still perfecting that list of mine, but fret not, the full report will appear here in a few days. First and foremost, I started the year with bangs! 2009 brought me a shift in hairstyle from long, mid-back level layers to a sexy long bob that I haven't yet tired of. And, yes, I took the plunge this month and spiced it up with some sassy bangs. The overwhelming response is that I can rock them like no one's business, even though my dad is still calling me Cleopatra. I'll see if I can find a before and after for you. ;) But needless to say, if you're feeling the itch to spice up your appearance a little, take the plunge! What a perfect time to make a little change, right? And seriously... it's just hair. Take your flintstones, and if it's not what you were after, you'll have a clean slate in a month. Or so.

How beautiful and fulfilling and uplifting to be in your twenties and have that feeling of the world being at your feet, no?

Meanwhile, how was 2010 for you? I wrote quite the novel on my personal blog about all 2010 brought me, but I'll be so kind as to provide you with the abridged version.

Losing my grandmother on New Years' Day was unequivocally, the most earth-shattering thing I've ever lived through. I see her in everything, even still, and in the beautiful way of God's perfect lessons to me, I am still learning from her, even in her absence. I have grown the deepest understanding of valuing and cherishing the relationships worth savoring, and it's one of the most rewarding things I've learned in life so far.

I landed my dream job and still, 9 months later, love it nearly every minute of the day. After a year of constant challenge and disappointment in Dallas, I feel like my present life is a Disney movie. How ridiculously lucky I feel to work at a job that couldn't be more perfect for me... surrounded by a mission I am passionate about and people I love being around. Win win.

In more superficial news, in 2010, I was surprised with the hottest little set of wheels, replacing my beloved Bessie, and ending our 5-year relationship last summer. I am still so smitten with my little BMW, (pretentious yuppie? right here!) and eternally grateful for my sweetheart of a boyfriend who recognized the need and didn't hesitate for a second to selflessly provide for me. Yet another reason I am crazy about that man. I am giddy beyond measure for all we have planned for 2011!

So here we are, 2011. it's SO good to meet you.

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