Tuesday, February 15, 2011

do you blurb??

...if you do, you know how awesome blurb is. If you don't, you seriously don't know what you're missing!

blurb is an online outlet to create and personalize books, geared toward the everyday common gal (or dude). The options are endless--photo books, story books, cookbooks.

I've heard the buzz about blurb for a couple years now, but Valentine's Day awarded me the perfect opportunity to dig a little deeper into the site and finally sit down to make one of my own! And people, I am hooked.

[front cover! so shiny and snazzy.]

I opted to surprise my Mister with a hodge podge of a photo book, chronicling our sweet history. I finally got the finished product yesterday and am totally impressed. The program is super easy and quick to learn. In just about a couple of hours, I'd downloaded the program, selected my photos, tweaked the formatting and had a proof and order confirmation. Pricing is great... and I am crazy excited about the end result. One of my favorite things I've ever put together. The only issue I really had was not allowing myself enough time to finish... going through 2 1/2 years of pictures was quite the challenge. Gives me an excuse to throw a few more together, right? :)

[sneak peek.]

Best of all, ST is totally impressed and we're planning to blurb more and more in the future. I really would love to create a cookbook of family recipes, and we're considering throwing a book together for each of our many vacations!

It's such a genius idea to document parties or weddings, a year in the bustling life of a child (or furbaby!), or maybe a home renovation project, start-to-finish. The finished product is completely coffee-table-worthy, and makes your run-of-the-mill Target-bought photo album look like a fourth grader's scrapbook. I can't wait to start my next one!!

How would you blurb?

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  1. I love Blurb.
    I made me husband a book for Christmas last year about how we met and how are relationship bloomed in a "How To" type guide. =)
    His sister and a mutual friend reviewed the book. ha!


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