Thursday, February 10, 2011

what in the world is in that bag?!

...whatchu got in that bag?!
(Ahem. Sorry. Little homage to Mr. Ludacris for a moment. Carry on.)

A pretty awesome trend floating through le blogville is captured in how you lovely ladies divulge the nitty gritty:

...what lives in your purses.

I'm not sure why I love when bloggers share this with fellow readers, except it almost feels as though we're sharing secrets, doesn't it? As long as I've been blogging, I've never spilled (pun intended) the contents of my ever enormous duffle handbag. But since I've enjoyed more than my fair share of the purging of the purses, I figured you gals might enjoy the same from me. So here I go!

First and foremost, the bag itself. I am in LOVE with this bag. It's the Deux Lux Raina Hobo, and was a gift from Monkees in Nashville. It's HUGE, pretty versatile and gray is totally my color right now. I have zero plans to retire it anytime soon. ;)

...aaaaaand, the jollies. Sweet Jesus, this bag holds my LIFE.

Ever the narcissist, Maizie doesn't resist a photo op.

[*fuzzy, feisty canine not included.]

I always, always, always have a book with me. I'm currently breezing through I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley, which is undoubtedly, one of the most hysterical bits of literature I've ever held. While this isn't a post about books, I highly recommend it. Also, I always, always read with a highlighter--a habit adopted from college, I suppose. I've been known to tab pages of interest and highlight the funny or poignant lines.

Meanwhile, I also have my business card holder, which is super snazzy and keeps them pretty and blemish-free (no, I'm not auditioning for a Neutrogena commercial). I never leave the house without my iPhone headphones (boyfriend freaks out if I call him from the car without wearing them, so I got in the habit a looooong time ago!). And next, I have my little notebooks. True to my Type-A, OCD, detail-oriented personality, I am a note-taker and list maker. One of these is for prayer requests and the other is to write down things I'm grateful for. They help me keep things in perspective and since using them both, I've truly felt a big change in my attitude. Moving right along...

Ahhh, the pouches. From top, LeSportsac is for the lip gloss arsenal, black satchel is for sunnies and the black patent is for pens and other odds and ends.

I have a little bit of an obsession. Not to mention the fact that I have a cup for lip glosses on my makeup table and still manage to find stragglers floating in coat pockets, under my car seats, in my office drawers... I'm getting a handle on it. Kind of. My favorites are Victoria's Secret, Express and Philosophy. Lancome Juicy Tubes, Sephora and Chanel Glossimer are great for color. Also, I always carry bandaids and a nail file, along with my Juicy Couture Couture rollerball. I can get away with it when I fly all over the country and it smells divine! I also carry powdered drink singles for my water bottles, everywhere I go. I found the LeSportsac bag (with three zippered pouches at Marshall's for 10 bucks! Bonus!)

More essentials. Beloved blue Hobo wallet (gift from Terra Cotta in Savannah, Georgia)--I've forgotten the style name, and it's since been discontinued. I'm super picky about wallets, so again I don't think this one is going anywhere anytime soon. I also always have my camera (Nikon Coolpix) with me, and, thanks to my nerdy genius A/V genius boyfriend, I carry a flash drive with me constantly too. I'm frequently needing to save stuff from work to bring home, or saving pictures to print elsewhere, so it works well for me. Also, thanks to my Sean, I have two sets of keys. When he drives my car, he hates the heaviness of the Coach mini wallet, so I have a set that consists of my car key and remote, and then my wallet, office keys, house keys, etc. And hand sanitizer. Always, always have my hand sanitizer.

The pretties... The iconic Rosebud Salve, THE BEST HAIRSPRAY EVER (Kenra 25), another Juicy rollerball, L'Occitane hand cream (super emollient and smells like baby powder) and my pillbox. Those three boxy compartments have enough capacity for anything that ails ya. Or me, rather.

More notebooks! Purple is for writing ideas, lists, quotes. Khaki is for shopping lists, keeping receipts and sentimental stuff (it has an accordion folder on the inside. Perfection.) Found these both at Books-A-Million... I love the color variety, elasticized strap and off-white paper.

And the finale... the black patent pouch houses my et cetera's. Boscia blotting papers, extra iPhone charger, my address book, dental floss and the best pens ever. I color code the events in my planner, so these are absolutely crucial.

There you have it! Now you can go start my biography.

[not pictured: trusty iPhone 4 which contains the rest of my life. She was needed to snap these little shots of photo evidence for you... also, Altoid Smalls that have been evicted from their former abode to the console of my car.]

Phew! All done!

What about you?? What do you carry with you everyday? I want to know!!


  1. Random...but I have that same duvet cover on my guest bed! I love it :)

  2. Haha your title made me think of the night we drove around with ST blaring the song!


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