Thursday, March 17, 2011


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No doubt by now, you've heard something about the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan last Friday, March 11th. The aftermath is unimaginable, with a current total of more than 5000 lives lost, and more than 9000 still missing. Millions are without water and power, and the clean-up and economic pain will undoubtedly span several months to overcome. Crises like this are so abstract for me to truly envision--we are so, so very sheltered within our lives here in the states. My heart breaks for these people, and times like this tend to make me feel so very small... as a 25-year-old in Texas, my overwhelming thought is what can I do aside from pray for these people?

But I'm here to tell you, a 5-minute Google search provided me with plenty of options. Tuesday, I donated money to Japan via text. Yes, text. Took all of 10 seconds. In this day and age, the convenience of our technology is as efficient for helping our friends in need, as it is for carrying on our daily frivolous banter. I only wish there was more I could do.

If you're racking your brain for something you could contribute, use your Google machine! If you want to follow in my footsteps, via American Red Cross, you can text REDCROSS to 90999 for a $10 donation.

If you'd like to focus on the specific needs of the children of the area, UNICEF is hosting an identical program. Text JAPAN to 864233 to donate $10.

The total will be automatically deducted from your next cell phone bill. Text the message as often as you'd like. How easy is that? If you prefer to donate through the Salvation Army, they have a link here. You can apparently donate through Facebook and iTunes as well. So just do it!!

for more information:
[google's crisis response page.]
[history of the entire disaster via wikipedia.]

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