Thursday, March 3, 2011

office decor 101.

My primary intent in creating M is for Moxie was to document my insane, unending love for home decor and design. Slowly, but surely, it's taken a little dive into the fashion arena with a tinge of my personal ditties. But here I go, very diligently delving back into the original purpose! I recently moved offices after a little renovation action here at The Best Job Ever, and have enjoyed sprucing up my digs... I mean, you spend more time surrounded by colleagues than you do at home, right? Why not make your space livable lovable?! I've had coworkers and friends sweetly comment about my spaces enough (new and old), that I thought I'd throw out a few tips for a super snazzy work environment. I'll even clue you in on where I found my goods!

Green lamp. Target. [crucial to add ambiance and make your space inviting. I love this one based on its pop of color and sleek, simple design. takes up very little space too! super important when you're juggling stacks upon stacks of paper.]

stainless monogram M. Bombay Duck. [#1 of 923. be forewarned: this post is a total admission of my love for monograms. I'm not a total narcissist, I promise... just love my name and the story behind it!]

personalized notepad set [they were a gift! not sure where to find them. but I'm also obsessed with these & these.]

and I clearly have my share of slow days when I find adorable ampersands to adorn my Kleenex boxes with. but come on--so much better than images of dandelions or cartoon animals or weird purple graphics, right?

candy stash [gobstopper hearts, anyone?].

personalized Rolodex [courtesy of me! fun framed Emerson quote found from the wheatfield (etsy).]

obsessed with this calendar. found (free!) on Red Stamp. frame from Target. [as an event planner, it's so crucial to be able to see my entire year ahead without flipping pages or clicking from screen to screen. framing the calendar adds an elegance to an otherwise boring bulletin board.]

acrylic notepad (Target--no longer available). [I have no fewer than 15 notepads floating around my desk. I'm constantly jotting down phone numbers, dollar amounts, appointment times. having notepads within an arm's length makes my job crazy easier. and when the paper is so cute, I don't mind tacking them up all over the place.]

quirky, adorable BF pic [also unavailable!] ;)

more sugar rush in a bowl similar to Anthro's.

another hilarious pic of mah boyfran. SAP CITY: makes my day brighter to see his sweet smile. [snapped here on our trip to Savannah last May.]

kind of in love with bulldog clips. [so retro and yet, utilitarian!]

super adorable photo found on our Savannah trip to Paris Market. [caught site of this lady in a box full of photos older than you and me. her expression is so timeless. and p.s. this is the most amazing establishment ever. we spent HOURS getting lost here!]

This tiny [unreadable] card came with my latest Kate Spade indulgence... [reads: "how many shades of red lipstick do you need?" they asked. she said, "that question is complex and intriguing." seems to fit the picture so well. love.]

ceramic planter in place as a pen cup. Ikea.

hobnail glass for my agua. Anthropologie. [so much more economical--and prettier!--than lugging smartwater bottles around 24/7].

paisley magnetic memo board [christmas gift from sweet co-worker. perfect for keeping important notes within view.]

antibacterial lotion. Bath & Body Works. [I'm a total germaphobe and am constantly slathering this junk on. smells divine and so much better than that Purell junk.]

monogrammed mug (#2) - Anthropologie. [for the coffee, obvs. all day=coffee time.]

acrylic notepad. Target. [found on sale! no longer available.]

A little creative outlet: an overview of the images, sweet notes, quotes and reminders that get me through my everyday. So necessary for a warm, inviting space!

super cute folders. Target [can't find these online, but they're still in stores! and apparently a big hit across the internet too. As a total type-A neat freak, a filing system is super imperative in order to find whatever project I'm working on at a moment's notice. The lattice and Greek key prints are way more fun than your typical manilla, yes?]

monogram (#3!). Anthropologie.

black box frame from Ikea--like 100 years ago.

quotable card found here [super thoughtful as gifts or to pin up wherever you can! I have 3 in my office.]

monogrammed blanket (#4!!!!) [gift from a friend after I played bridesmaid for her). super soft and cozy. I find if I'm comfortable in my space, I'm way more apt to be productive.]

My office drawer crammed full of Tazo tea, Starbucks via, granola bars, sugar in the raw, every type of cup and mug imaginable. gotta be prepared, right? [totally necessary for the slow morning starts and afternoon lulls. I'm a self-professed caffeine queen.]

Not pictured, but also super necessary for my workday well-being... ceramic heater, Sirius radio subscription, Moleskin notebooks, the best pens ever, skinny Sharpies, candle warmer (since open flames are sort of discouraged and all), magnetic push pins (similar to these), clorox wipes (remember that whole germaphobe thing?), and the most expensive piece of paper I've ever owned.

What about you? What do you have in your office??

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