Thursday, April 21, 2011

ladies... it's prize time.

When I was a little babe, anytime I received a little something something outside of a holiday, my mom called it a "prize." An unexpected candy bar at the checkout line in the grocery store, a surprise t-shirt I just had to have for all A's on the report card, the newest beanie baby (yes, I'm serious) for a home run. The term has carried on throughout my quarter-of-a-century of being on this planet, and now anyone who knows me well recognizes my schoolgirl lingo as something that is still very prevalent. Sweet boyfriend has become very accustomed to "prizes." Which I love. ;)

THAT being said, I want to pass along a prize to you! I adore blogging and the friends I've made through the hobby. I've "met" some of the most genuine, big-hearted, creative, endearing, hilarious, beautiful souls who keep me in stitches and build me up. As a celebration of the friends I've made, the blogging I love, and the impending summer... I'm hosting a giveaway!

Enter to win a little mini makeover just in time for summer...

Essie's Haute as Hello

I'm a self-proclaimed polish freak, and this subtle coral is the perfect shade to swipe on before tucking the toes into those new gladiator sandals.

Smith's Rosebud Salve

A definite go-to of mine for years. Conditions lips perfectly--not too sticky! The perfect amount of sheen for any occasion, and super easy to just toss into your purse on the way out the door. The little pot lasts FOREVER.

Benefit Little Bit Badgal Lash

A token mascara is key to a finished face... Bad Gal Lash was the very first non-drugstore mascara I ever purchased, and I just love the little sample size.

You have five opportunities to score!
1) Leave a comment, telling me what you really want to accomplish in the remaining months of 2011.
2) Become a follower of my blog.
3) Follow me on twitter (@misformoxie).
4) Tweet about my giveaway! (be sure to add @misformoxie in the message.)
5) Link to my giveaway on your own blog.

Please leave an individual comment for each entry so I can give credit where credit is due.

Winner will be selected at random on Saturday, April 30th. So you've got just over a week to show me some love! I'm planning several more giveaways throughout the coming months, so please help me make this one a success! :)

Happy prize fighting! :)


  1. I plan to get back in shape in 2011! I'm already hard at work.

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  2. I follow you on Twitter! @blondeublonde

  3. How exciting! That is such a pretty color!

    Ok here's my hope-to-accomplish in 2011 list:
    1. Healthier eating habits
    2. Pay off CC debt
    3. Have fun!!


  4. And I follow your blog (through my Google Reader)!

  5. I follow you on Twitter! (@canaspam & @sweethomeamy)

  6. To control my eating,and run a few races in 2011

  7. I'm hoping to eat healthier and get back in shape in the remaining months of 2011! :)

  8. I follow you on twitter! (@lesliebentley)

  9. i tweeted about your giveaway! (@lesliebentley)

  10. I want to finish school and start working by October. I want to run my half marathon and beat my dads time!

  11. My big accomplishment for 2011 is to get married. I also want to pass my remaining three Praxis exams to get my teacher licensure. (I take one on the 30th, the next two in July, then just two semesters left and I'll have my masters!)

  12. I follow on twitter (katie_lake).

  13. I want to get in better shape than I was before the babe and I want to find a home in our new town!

  14. What I would LOVE to accomplish by the end of the year is a stellar GPA...enough to recieve some more scholarship money to help pay for the rest of my Baylor tuition and take the load off my parents. I would also love to get in shape, donate half of my wardrobe to goodwill and cook a stellar meal...from scratch!

  15. i am now a follower of your blog...YAY!!

  16. im a long time follower of both of your twitter accounts...which i LOVE! :)

  17. i have tweeted AND retweeted about this FAB giveaway that this LOVELY, poor college student would LOVE to win :)

  18. i linked your blog to mine...which is a tumblr site....which i also sent to twitter! have i won yet?! :)



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