Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my version of wheaties.

Everyone has their own morning routine, like it or not. I definitely have my little combination of habits and go-to's that make my days flow more seamlessly.

My weekdays are kick started by one of two of the same instances every day. And I LOVE it.

Either a) my munchkin-faced sweetheart kisses me good morning (the dog, not my boyfriend), and I groggily escort her out to her powder room. Despite not being a morning person, sharing my little morning moments with Maiz always put a smile on my face.


b) my good morning text rolls in from the mister, right around the time my alarm goes off. There's something so comforting and heart-warming about a simple, sweet message, reminding me that the exact person I'm thinking about is thinking about me in that exact, precise moment. I love him. Best part of my morning.

I'll text him back, and get started on the glamorizing routine before hopping into Alessandra and calling him back for our morning commute chat (see?! long distance doesn't have to be so bad, kids!)

Showertime and such... I splash my face with this, a go-to for several years, even despite my self-proclaimed status as a product snob. I love this stuff. Smells amazing and leaves my face super clean and fresh.

After the hair and makeup routine, ironing and racing out the door, I tune into my XM radio for the most hilarious morning show ever. I'd be lying if I said I subscribed to satellite radio for any other reason aside from Wake Up with Taylor on Cosmo Radio... it begins at 6 am, before I've emerged from my sea of covers, but it plays back to back, so once I get to my office, I can hear the beginning of the show [disclaimer: while the magazine is... how should I say... smutty? the radio show is a little classier. mostly coverage about celebrities, goofy pranks, news stories, tv show recaps, and just an all-around humorous and light-hearted way to begin the workday]. Bonus!
And as luck would have it (sarcasm sometimes applying to that statement), I have a Starbucks in my building. I definitely take advantage of this fact a few days a week, but sometimes I saunter to the office coffee pot for my morning caffeine fix. Point being? I savor my coffee.

What about you? What gets you going in the morning?

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  1. I always wake up with puppy kisses too! It makes my day.


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