Monday, May 2, 2011

challenge: 15 basic facts about me.

I stumbled across this little bit of goodness from my friend, Mrs. Jones's blog, and I couldn't resist jumping on the bandwagon. I spend a lot of time sharing my favorite fashion finds and movie reviews, but wanted to dig a little deeper tonight. So here goes! [feel free to jump on board!]

Not sure how basic my facts are, but I'm diving in anyway!

1. My middle name is Niccole. Yes, with 2 C's.
2. I never had braces. But my teeth are so very weak. :/ Thousands have been spent on my teeth in my 25 years.
3. A tried and true Texas girl, I love my barbecue and my beer. I am THAT girl, and obsessed with being a Texan. It will drive you crazy.
4. I had two knee surgeries at 13.
5. I've loved coffee since the age of 9. My dad swore it would stunt my growth, and yet I'm an-inch-and-a-half shorter than him. I have a Starbucks in my building and have to fight myself not to venture over there every day.
6. I have about ten "favorite movies."
7. My dad, brother and my boyfriend are my heroes.
8. My 11-pound maltese is one of my best friends. She has an entire drawer in my dresser designated for her clothes.
9. I am super passionate about politics. I've worked on a few different campaigns and am super inspired by the aspirations of politicians.
10. I am a Christian, flawed and faithful. I hope to never stop expanding my knowledge and learning about Jesus. His faith and grace are something that inspire and awe me everyday.
11. I absolutely love people. Love meeting people and learning about them.
12. I have three younger brothers who are all so incredibly different, it's unreal. My childhood was so unbelievably entertaining and filled with some of the most hysterical quotes--you wouldn't believe.
13. I never sat foot on a commercial plane until the age of 17. And now, I fly at least twice a month.
14. I once got a triple play at the age of 12, playing softball (I played for a decade), then gave it up when my knees started fighting me.
15. I love to read... can't ever find me without a book in hand. I'll write one, one day. You jsut wait and see.

What say you? Are you up for the Challenge? :)

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