Tuesday, May 3, 2011

challenge: 14 not-so-basic facts about me.

1. At the beginning of a new book, I always check to see how many pages are in it. I literally have to hold my hand over the last page so I prevent myself from reading ahead.
2. I eat my fries with barbecue sauce.
3. My first time outside of the country was to the Bahamas with my mister in 2009.
4. I wore colored contacts [blue, then green, then blue again] in junior high during a particularly awkward stage. Luckily I grew to love my big brown peepers.
5. Everyone in my immediately family (mom, dad, brother) is left-handed... and I'm a righty. Odd.
6. I subscribe to way too many magazines... Glamour, Elle, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Fitness, Women's Health, Marie Claire, Self, Lucky... but I dearly, dearly miss Domino. I cringe at the thought of print media disappearing.
7. My weekly indulgence is my manicure... It sounds so arbitrary and silly and okay, maybe superficial, but it's a little bit of a stress reliever to be pampered. Being an event planner, I am subject to impromptu meetings and appointments--as well as the scheduled stuff--so it's nice to not have to worry about my talons looking janky.
8. I make the best damn sugar cookies ever. I know what you're thinking... sugar cookies? But seriously... just ask my boyfriend. ;)
9. I am notebook obsessed. I literally have a dozen just floating around, each one designated for all kinds of lists, thoughts, quotes, plans.
10. My 11-pound maltese is one of my best friends. She has her own drawer of clothes in my dresser and goes nearly everywhere with me.
11. My mister converted me to a Mac lover. iPhone, Apple TV, Macbook... I won't look back.
12. I LOATHE anything cherry-flavored. LOVE cherry coke.
13. I'm working on a bucket list... to be continued.
14. I'm fascinated with personality types (Myers Briggs) & personality types. I'm a typical ESFJ... and I love learning how to relate to people and figuring out what drives them. Sociology was my favorite non-major class in college, and if I had to do it all over again, I might consider Social Work for a career. Then again... I love what I do!
15. My childhood was about as Norman Rockwell as it gets... little league, cheerleading camp... my dad was military, my brothers were boy scouts. My first 18 years were peppered with road trips, spelling bees, sports tournaments, independence day parades. I loved every minute of it.

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