Tuesday, May 31, 2011

weekend recap.

It's no big secret that I spend my every measly, spare moment in Nashville with my sweetheart. We rack up the flyer miles a couple of few times a month all in the name of love. And yes, we've got our routine haunts, our spontaneous roadtrips, spur-of-the-moment plans... we do it all. That boy keeps me on my toes, and this past weekend didn't disappoint!

My longtime blog crush, Ms. Grits and her mister accompanied us for a double date out on the town. We spent a few hours, talking more than eating, laughing 'til we cried (over and over and over again) until finally hitting up the bustling nightlife of Nashville.

[guess who had what?]

I have honestly not had this much fun with friends in years. Grits is one of the warmest, most genuine, beautiful, hilarious girls I've met in recent years... and Mr. Grits and ST hit it off swimmingly as well. At the risk of sounding a bit too sing-songy, I could honestly write a book based on our night out! The evening was chock-full of more than its share of resonating quotes and bizarre characters. We adore these two and can't wait for the next round! (...with maybe a little bit less champagne and such.) ;)

For the remainder of our weekend, we delved into our typical domestic routine before scooting on down to Birmingham for our bi-annual BBQ with old friends-turned-family (fun fact: Mister and I met in Birmingham! cue the collective awwww!).

[balloons in decatur! so pretty.]

[gah, how cute is he?] ;)

[getting his nerf on with beza. he's had lots of practice with his little man, so beza was in for it!]

[gabbing with the grand master of rib grilling, mr. bud himself.]

[oooooh, man. portrait of perfection.]

Mr. Bud's ribs are divine. We spent the rest of our weekend relaxing and getting ready for a workweek before I jetset right on back over to Nashvegas for the nuptials of a dear college friend!! Summer is up and going, ladies and gents, and I'm so, so excited about all of our coming plans in the next few months!

It's a charmed life... but someone's gotta live it. ;)

Hope you too, had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with the people you love!!

{P.S. For some of the best reviews of Southern travels, go visit Grits & Mr. Grits' travel blog at www.seasonallysouthern.com!}


  1. Looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend!! and some good eats! :)

  2. looks like such a fun weekend! this post just made me hungry!!


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