Monday, June 6, 2011

nashvegas nuptials.

And hello to you! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and your first full week of June is treating you sweetly... as part of the normal travel repertoire, I spent last weekend playing in Nashville with my mister. We had a little bit of a weekend wedding theme, I suppose... a dear college friend got married, and ST and I spent one of our nights in stitches over Bridesmaids. Go see it if you get the chance... it's Judd Apatow's answer to The Hangover (ST and I saw that one last weekend too, p.s. and I wasn't the hugest fan. Definitely just like the first one, just in a different geographic locale). In case you didn't know... Apatow is the genius behind Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall... two of my all-time favorite comedies. While a viewing of Bridesmaids would make for a superb girls' night out, it was perfect for a date night too.

Meanwhile, Saturday night we were both fortunate enough to be included in my sweet friend Megan's long-anticipated wedding to her mister. Megan married her soulmate, Blake, in what's what one of my absolute favorite outskirts of the city--Franklin. Megan and I took journalism classes together at Baylor and have kept in touch throughout the years. We've really bonded over having Tennessee boys in our lives, and our love for life in Nashville. I am so happy for this precious stage in their relationship, and pray the Lord blesses their new marriage endlessly. The ceremony and reception were beautiful, and so obviously full of love... my favorite type of wedding to be part of.

[sweet newlyweds!]

[one of my favorites from the night. so precious!]

[megan's dad was so adorable. bless the man, he has three girls! to quote him, "1 down, 2 to go!"]

[my super charming date!]

[beautiful megan and her precious MOH and sister, brianna.]

[she absolutely made the perfect bride. the definition of timeless.]

[the perfect date to absolutely anything. I just love showing him off.]

[more sweet college friends moving to nashville! shayli and I met and became friends freshman year at baylor.]

We spent the rest of the weekend, doing what we do best: exploring Nashville and visiting some of our favorite places. We're suckers for brunch, and spent a long afternoon delving into heaping plates of breakfast food and sugary sweet conversation.

Yes I know... I'm a lucky girl.

[I kinda love him.]

[you won't catch me saying no to mimosas.]

That's all for now! How was your weekend?


  1. I loved Bridesmaids! Your friend's wedding looks beautiful. And yummy mimosas!

  2. What a beautiful wedding!! and i love the pictures of the two of y'all! so cute!


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