Wednesday, July 20, 2011

happily ever after.

One of my dearest, sweetest friends married the man of her dreams this weekend. This post was supposed to be up and running well before the nuptials, but here we are, three days later... but I think it's deserving of some postage, even if Shannan and Theron are already honeymooning in St. Lucia as I type! [wedding post coming later!]

Shannan and I met through a mutual friend, freshman year at Baylor where we lived in the same dorm (I on the 1st floor, she on the 5th). Many of my good friends lived up on the (much more exhilarating) 5th floor, so I frequently skipped my way up there to join the party. Her warm smile became a welcome familiarity in our busy dorm, although we didn't truly get to know each other well until junior year. Then, I began working a few hours here and there at Harts & Crafts, a local artsy boutique where she'd worked for a few years. We initially bonded over a passion for creativity, immersing ourselves in all varieties of conversation amidst paint-splattered surfaces. Our backgrounds are strikingly similar, both of us hailing from small towns, as oldest children with military daddies. Later that summer, we both worked as summer counselors at Camp Mystic in the gorgeous Hill Country.

The rest is pretty much history... she quickly became an integral part of my college days, Tom Petty and Rick Springfield serving as the soundtrack for our oh-so-dramatic saga, filled with forgettable boys and the ever-complicated classwork to social life balance. We were blessed to spend a lot of time together, due mostly to our wanting to, and secondly to the fact that we were pursuing the same degree, and therefore logged many an hour in the Communications building.

If there was ever someone in life whom you wanted to be on your side, this is your girl. She's that perfect mix of small town and big city--endearing and warm, yet worldly enough to carry on a conversation about absolutely anything. She's brilliantly intelligent without ever intimidating, fiercely loyal, spiritual, bubbling over with spontaneity, the portrait of "beautiful, inside and out."

One of my favorite traits about Shannan is that she has this capacity to talk whimsically of a bucket list of her lifelong aspirations, but she's earnestly driven and dedicated enough to seamlessly accomplish absolutely anything she envisions. Her writing is genius, she's endlessly creative, the definition of "old soul." Some of my life's favorite memories are wrapped around our range of conversations, her clear-green eyes telling more of the stories than her voice. Over the years, we've developed a highly-honed series of looks, designed to communicate when words simply won't do. Her childlike, infectious laugh echoes in my head, a constant reminder of her sweet spirit.

I am beyond blessed to call her a best friend.

And to know that she's captured the heart of a man who can keep up with her is one of the most rewarding things for me to witness. I am elated for them.

[read more about their beginning here on Shannan's blog!!!]

[May 2008.]

[impromptu roadtrip across the South--somewhere in Mississippi. Summer 2007.]

[spring break 2007, with Allison too! Gulf Shores, Alabama.]

[graduation night! May 17, 2008.]

[McCain rally with Cori. February 2008.]

[graduation party. May 16, 2008.]

[always something to celebrate. out at George's with Cori, Spring 2008.]

[Cori's birthday, with Brittany at George's--where else?! May 2008.]
*Brittany and Jason are getting married in just a few weeks!! something's in the water, congrats y'all! :)

[Ninfa's for happy hour, Spring 2008.]

[Ninfa's for happy hour... with Catherine & Cori. see a trend here? August 2007.]

[first Baylor home football game, August 2007.]

[basketball game, fall 2007.]

*lots of pictures of our friend Cori in here too... her big day is December 3rd! congrats to Cori & Josh! :)

...and to Shannan & Theron--"happy" doesn't begin to cover it, Shan.


  1. This is about the sweetest thing EVER!!! These friendships are so rare, and so when you find it, have to hold on to them tight. What a beautiful friendship y’all have.

  2. umm...so i think this might have been the nicest thing anyone has ever said (written) about me. seriously. i'm beyond touched.


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