Wednesday, July 13, 2011

weekend recap.

[...uh, from two weeks ago!]

Here's that promise little virtual tour of the best weekend ever. I savor any time with my Mister, but our July 4th weekend could've inspired a Norman Rockwell painting.

ST and I spend our time involved in lots and lots of fun shenanigans, and the first weekend in July didn't disappoint. We frolicked around Nashvegas, frequenting our favorite haunts, staying out way too late and soaking up all the alluring nightlife.

love this place.

the courthouse was all lit up for the 4th. picture doesn't do it justice.

dueling pianos at big bang... so. much. fun.

I love downtown... tourist traps and all, the music scene sucks me in.

ending the eve at a hot dog stand. I'd call that a success.

We rested up to jaunt across the state for a full day in east Tennessee. I'd read about the Minister's Treehouse a few months back on a travel blog and fell in love with the idea of climbing it. Naturally, it took a mere mentioning of it, and we were practically in the car, on our way. I love him for that. ;)

Read all about the story here, and if you ever get the chance to go, DO IT. The story is super inspiring to me, and the climb was even loads of fun. We chatted with lots of families and couples along the way... the experience was great for kids and adults alike.

love this one of him.

so we found a mirror. ;)

we climbed the whole thing! ...us at the very top.

When we were finished scaling the treehouse, we drove an hour south to Sweetwater to see the Lost Sea. Sean had been as a kid on a field trip many, many years ago, and ventured back to show me the uniqueness of it all. Pictures didn't turn out too great, and my white chino shorts weren't the best wardrobe selection for that 58-degree underground air, but other than that, we had a total blast!

pictures didn't really turn out well, but this one is adorbs to me.

also, camera died at the treehouse, therefore for the rest of the weekend, the photos you get to feast your eyes on, are provided by the trusty iphone. sorry. :/

After our hike down to, and boat ride across the Lost Sea, we ventured even further south to go hang out with ST's family in Chattanooga. We lounged in the front yard, catching up and watching the sporadic displays of premature fireworks celebrations sparking around us in the balmy Tennessee night. We finished our night, recalling the day's events over greasy plates of huge omelettes at a quirky coffee shop.

Our grand finale was a rendezvous downtown for a spectacular show of fireworks. We stood in awe of the gorgeous presentation of light and sound before escaping crazy traffic and grabbing drinks together.

All-in-all? Totally fabulous weekend in a place I'm falling in love with, with the guy I'm even crazier about.


  1. What great pics! Looks like you two had so much fun together on your adventure. Love times like this with my husband too.

    Thank you for sharing Megs!

  2. How fun!!!! And I LOVE the Big Bang!!!! :)


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