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politicat fight.

I have a serious girl crush on none other than Miss Meghan McCain. I worked for her daddy's campaign wayyyy back for that election in 2008, and have always so admired her snark, sass, and steadfast ideals about the rejuvenation of the Republican party. I became hugely obsessed with her McCain Blogette site, which began as a politically charged blog, trailing after the McCain Straight Talk Express across the country, and is now a sort of fan page, following Megan in her new-found stardom. I actually met her while they toured through my hometown and was so starstruck I forgot to ask for a picture. She's barely over five feet tall, but you'd never be able to guess it, based on her presence in the news world--and she's every bit as glamorous and friendly in person as her Google-able pictures would hint. You wouldn't believe how often I kick myself for that momentary lapse of googly-eyed judgment.


She's been criticized endlessly and stamped as a "dumb blonde," but she's taken on the top names in the U.S. political realm and has a degree from Columbia under her belt. She's now a contributing writer for The Daily Beast, which has evolved into my favorite news source over the past couple years--the ideal collaboration of news, opinion, entertainment and quirk. Miss McCain debuted her tell-all semi-autobiography last fall, and I read it in a matter of days. And yes, I highly recommend it! Daddy McCain's loss in the 2008 election was a serious blow to my political heart, and yielded a certain apathy for me in the months following. However, flying through her book was the figurative Red Bull I needed to jump back into the scene, headfirst.

I realize you may not be inspired to run out and purchase her edgy hardback due to my scant review, but do yourself a favor and read the snippets... it was truly one of my favorite reads in a long time. And here's the Huffington Post's cliffs notes as well, and the Christian Science Monitor's fav five lines.

[one of my all-time favorite pictures of daddy & daughter.]

Since the campaign, several of my favorite news sources and websites have issued their own takes on Miss McCain and the firestorm she's leading throughout the youth of the Republican Party. In no particular order:


GQ (in which she famously cringed in the pages of her book regarding the interview and accompanying photo--which I happen to love)

Good Morning America

Throughout the campaign, the McCain Blogette site was peppered with photos and videos throughout the stops that were chronicled in her book. The video footage documenting their stay in Nashville was among one of my favorites.

Moving on...

So, then there's Miss Bristol Palin (and no--I'm not a fan). You might recall hearing something about Bristol's new book which hit shelves this summer. Several critics wrinkled their noses at the idea of a 20-year-old writing a "memoir" about all she's learned in life. Honey... oh, honey. "Not Afraid of Life?" Sweetie, you haven't lived life. I might be a mere five years older than you, but to assume you're wise enough to necessitate documenting all the hard-earned lessons of your years for the masses, is kind of conceited and naive, in my opinion. While I won't delve into my underdeveloped opinion about Sarah Palin's political aspirations, I honestly believe Bristol is clutching and clawing at any opportunity to remain in the spotlight. It disgusts me, and I think it's partially to blame for some of the youth of America being disillusioned with politics to begin with.

Allow me to clarify--I believe that while Meghan and Bristol are both daughters of politicians, their presences, images and goals are totally different. Meghan McCain's father is clearly the more notable and esteemed figure, and she's dedicated her OWN funds and two years of her twenties all for the cause of the political scene, and her unbridled passion for a political party. She continues to write for the Beast, and is also working on her next book with famed liberal comedian, Michael Ian Black.

And Bristol? While life happens, and I find nothing wrong with her choice to raise her baby without having married his father--I am increasingly embarrassed with her media presence. She's now apparently an advocate for abstinence--and is paid in the tens of thousands of dollars for her appearances to speak on the matter. Secondly, the ongoing (while simmering) soap opera co-starring her baby daddy, Levi, is appalling on any front--not to mention to be the subtext of her mother's political career. Let's not even get into the topic of his posing for Playgirl. I mean, really?? Please, just go back to Alaska. All of yas. Oh--and apparently he wrote a book too, which will be out next month. Lucky us. Homegirl doesn't have to take on a life of a politicat, but I think the life she's choosing to embrace is questionable.

Back to the wisdom of her intriguing story. You know? Those crucial life experiences we all can read about and learn from... Bristol apparently dedicated many of the pages of her book to bashing the McCain's--and alleging how Meghan was catty and selfish throughout their few months together. Here's a short video that shows just how disagreeable life with Meghan McCain must've been...

Whatever. And no, I'm not buying her book.

And hey, Bristol? Please do us all a favor and wake up. No one would know who you are if it weren't for McCain's presidential run... Maybe, I don't know--go shimmy and shake what your mama gave you through the glamorous confines of a TV show or something... oh, wait...

Okay, I'm done.

Back to the original message,

Regardless of your political affiliation or views, I passionately believe that Meghan's voice and determination are so refreshing in a time where politics isn't considered a "cool" or relevant common interest among the younger crowd.

Follow her on Twitter here @McCainBlogette.

And you too, can witness firsthand why she's my girl crush.

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