Friday, October 28, 2011

meet my milo!

I've been toying with the idea of adding a second fluff nugget to my brood for a while. And by "a while," I mean, basically the past year. It's always been a timing issue, being the avid jetsetter that I am. And I absolutely hate to board Maizie. I know she's safe, I know she's in good hands, but I'd rather be with her. She's been right by my side throughout the past three-and-a-half years, through college, boyfriends and break-ups, losing family members, moves all over the country... it's always been us two. So, while I had the urge to find another puppy, I convinced myself that it'd be right only if the perfect opportunity presented itself.

And so then it did.

A friend of my favorite aunt's is basically the dog whisperer. She's spent her adult life, saving dogs from bad situations, re-homing them when she can (Dena has five dogs of her own--all rescues... and get this, they're all totally well-behaved, sweet natured animals who get along seamlessly). My aunt showed me a facebook post where Dena had snapped a quick photo of her latest rescue. My heart skipped a beat as my eyes met those of a bright white, darling puff of a puppy. I thought, "wow, he (I honestly had a hunch it was a boy) looks just like Maizie did when she was a baby."

And then I went home, carried about my normal evening ritual. But no matter what I got into Thursday night, I couldn't get my mind off this little dog. I knew he was fine in Dena's hands, but something ate at me for the next day... and not just the typical cuteness hunger. I think that's a fleeting thing. It was an ongoing, nagging sensation that I just had to know this dog. He was supposed to be mine.

I pull out my phone toward the end of the workday on Friday afternoon, call Dena. She gives me the story of how one of her pharmaceutical reps bought this male (!) Yorkiepoo (not Maltese, as I'd assumed!) puppy for his fiance, and long story short--she didn't want it, and neither did he. The pup was ten-weeks old, registered and needed a home where he could socialize well. I felt completely confident in telling her that I'd swing by to grab him on my way home. And just like that, I have another sweet puppy in my life.

More details to follow, but I was about to burst with excitement and love, I couldn't wait to tell you all the news. I was a little nervous about Maizers transitioning to a baby brother, but it has honestly been so seamless. I'm proud of my girl.

And I am just smitten with my little puppy posse.

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