Thursday, October 27, 2011

pencil me in.

Listen up, ladies.

I'm here to tell you about my little annual tradition that not-a-lotta people know about. Being the Type-A, nit-picky planner that I am, I have a very deliberate process for purchasing my prized planner each year. Around my birthday (late November) each year, I select a planner based on my list of strict standards. I proceed to fill in each particular date with birthdays, due dates, anniversaries, things to remember, appointments to schedule... it's an obsession. Everything is color-coded--appointments, work meetings, boyfriend weekends, playtime, etc...

I begin by completing thorough research to decide what agenda book will make the cut for my upcoming year of penciled-in plans. I scour the stores, peruse websites, read reviews, and of course, remember qualities of planners from my past... until I finally deliberate and buy. There's a pretty precise checklist I judge by:

  • chosen planner must be at or near a standard page size, so as to not get lost in my bag.
  • spiral-bound is a must. tabs are an added bonus.
  • pages must include a full-spread monthly view, as well as individual week-by-week glances.
  • I loathe appointment times--so none of those.
  • write-in spaces must be large enough to actually write in.
So there. I've browsed Erin Condren's site over the past couple years and admired her work, but it always echoed a little too much Lisa Frank to me. The bright colors and designs are a refreshing time-out from the standard black, faux-snakeskin covers for sure, but the hefty $50+ sticker price wasn't anything I wanted to jump all over either. I've considered it over the past month or so, but hadn't yet made the plunge.

[photo from erin condren.]

Until... this week I found a lovely deal on Plum District, which is a newer mom-targeted Groupon-like site (sidenote: is it just me, or are there about a million of these popping up all over the place? I can hardly keep them straight). The Plum Deal listed a $50 Erin Condren credit for $25! (if you're interested in joining, feel free to contact me for a $5 referral credit!)

[photo from plum district.]

Oh, it gets better. I dug a little deeper and found a promo code ("WIRED") which knocked even more off my purchase, and in the end, my total purchase price was 17 bucks.

I skip my happy little self over to Erin Condren, supply THEM with my welcome promo code ("WELCOME10") and that knocked $10 off the purchase price of $50... so, long story short--I basically got my $50 (+ shipping) planner for a whopping $17 (and I have credit left over on the EC deal to boot!).

Head over to Erin Condren's store to learn all the shiny details on how unique the life planner is, but suffice to see, it meets my rigorous specs. The page layouts, the size of the book, the write-in spaces... I love it all. I ordered the chevron print with a dark gray background--the tabs are colored, the front cover is pretty sleek and could pass as profesh. I won't get it until early November, but I'm super excited to see the end result (aaaand, fill in every upcoming event).

Do you have a favorite planner? What are your planner standards? C'mon, I know you've got 'em...

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  1. Well played. And YES there are a ton of these sites out now. And I've gotten sucked in to most of them. lol I love my EC planner too!


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