Wednesday, November 9, 2011

here lately.

Life has been hectic, my friends. This time of year always seems to fly by for me... Baylor events (homecoming!), fall and football, Halloween, my birthday, prepping for Thanksgiving, having Thanksgiving, prepping for Christmas, Christmas shopping, Christmas traveling, Christmas day, New Year's Eve... the last three months of the year are a total whirlwind. I'm trying to be carefully deliberate about soaking up the days, enjoying this time of year, finalizing another year of life and focusing on what I learned and accomplished over the past several months.

So in light of that, and in honor of a month of gratitude, I just want to reflect on the little things that have lit up my soul over the past few weeks...

Those much-anticipated, festive red cups at Starbucks, and the delightful coffee creations that get me through every day (um, hello... my office is in the same building as a Starbucks. This = dangerous).

Cuddling up with my precious puppy babies and the laughs they bring me every single day. I can't get enough of this pair. Yes, even when they're mooching for my popcorn.

The chilly bite in the air...

...and the opportunity to indulge in crockpot creations like my first roast!

Digging out beloved, trusty recipes--tattered and stained from years of reference...

...and the messes I can make, baking. This is my reminder that I have my own space, a fridge full of food, and coworkers I love at a job I am blessed to have... and yes, I bake for them!

I crave a good mail day! Catalogs, magazines, packages. It's like Christmas.

...and unexpected sweet cards from my Mister. He snapped this picture on his phone, and used the Cards app to create this awesome surprise for me. How great is he??

Bright reminders of autumn, like the apple pile on my prized oval carved bowl,

...DIY projects like the mexican tiles turned into coasters, I made,

...and punchy new pillows I threw together for my couch,

...and an antique of a door from my parents' pre-renovated casa,

...revamped into a new chalkboard message display!

...along with new home purchases like this rustic, glazed urn,

...and a set of darling bird napkin rings! (you have no idea how long I'd been looking for a set of napkin rings that I liked. it's a little bit ridiculous, how particular I am about things like this).

Also loving me some sweet treats to indulge in like this (again, with the puplet begging in the background)...

... and spoiling my pups rotten with spiffy sweaters, and prepping for the upcoming Christmas season (dollar aisle, anyone? HIT IT UP.)

My life is so full of joy, love, laughter, fulfillment and all varieties of blessings. I am striving to stop in the midst of all the craziness and deliberately soak up the sweetness. Just stop. Look around, realize how good I've got it. It's all around me, all the time, and for me, "living" is marked by truly savoring every detail of every day. It's my goal to focus on being uber diligent about it... so here I go!

I hope you're enjoying every ounce of autumn and wrapping up your year with a smile on your face, and a sense of accomplishment under your belt... 2011 is almost gone, so let's make the absolutely most of what we've got left, right? :)

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