Tuesday, December 6, 2011

winning seasons, heisman trophies, bowl games...

Le sigh.

I've been a Baylor fan for a long, long time. I've lived through the endless banter and jokes, along with the seasons of embarrassing 12th place conference finishes.

Through several years of riding the hopeful high a new season brings, to the inevitable heartbreaking losses and the occasional exhilarating upset, I've been donning my green and gold for quite a while, anticipating the day when we'd finally be that dominant team that our opponents feared.

Lo and behold, that time has come. We've had a steady 9-3 record, a solid ranking among the Top 25 all season, upset #5 Oklahoma, and are on our way to our second bowl game in 16 years. Our unabashedly talented QB is a contender for the Heisman. The kids at Baylor today have NO idea what we experienced just a handful of years ago... we crossed our fingers for a +.500 season each year--we routinely excelled in baseball, basketball, golf, tennis--but not football. No, not the one sport that matters here in Texas.

I'm insanely proud of my alma mater. I get chills when I see RGIII's clips on ESPN, accompanied by chatter about his latest stat-breaking game. I'm in awe of the heart and diligence of our team this year... (Stiff Arm Trophy has predicted the winner for the past nine years in a row, and they're predicting our RGIII this year!!) I am just clamoring for the Heisman announcement, as well as the Alamo Bowl, coming up at the end of the month.

And I've never been prouder to be a Bear.

Sic 'em, y'all!!!!

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