Wednesday, January 11, 2012

golden season.

Sad but true--our beloved quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, Robert Griffin III, announced today that he intends to join the NFL Draft instead of finishing out his senior year at Baylor. I really don't think this is any surprise to anyone, considering two major facts:

- RGIII graduated with his undergrad degree a while ago. He finishes his master's this spring.
- His two right hand men (or maybe they're on either side of him? whatev.), Terrance Ganaway and Kendall Wright, both graduate this spring as well.

It makes the most sense... we've had an unparalleled season, finishing 12th in the nation with a 10-3 record (season tickets for next season have already gone on sale for $103, which I think is so clever. sic 'em, athletic marketing). Mister and I watched the Alamo Bowl in Nashville, and cheered on the Bears to their 67-56 victory over Washington. Having been a Baylor fan for as long as I have, this is the season we've all waited for. As a Baylor fan, we get ridiculed for rooting too much for a team that became the laughingstock of the Big 12, and then beat down for showing the slightest inkling of hesitant doubt after years and years of loss-dominated seasons. This year was our year.

I absolutely adore the dynamic between RGIII and Coach Art Briles. Their rapport seems to be so warm and endearing, and while I'm sure Coach Briles is sad to see RGIII part with the team, he was beaming with all kinds of pride at the press conference this afternoon.

[all images from the baylor athletics facebook page.]

Is it really seven months until football season starts?

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