Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm usually pretty choosy and deliberate when it comes to my clothes and accessories. Meaning, I don't buy fake anything. Maybe that makes me materialistic--I choose to look at it in the light that I appreciate quality. I cringe when I see fake Coach or Louis on the arms of women in the mall. Don't be mistaken--I am not at all the girl who routinely assesses a stranger's worth based on the labels on their body--however, from a product standpoint, I don't like what fake designer garb represents. It may not be your style (pun intended) to spend $150 on a pair of jeans, but what are you broadcasting when you spend $40 in Chinatown for the poly-blend mock-up of what I'm wearing? You want to appear that you spent your hard-earned cash on the designer goods, but don't have the keen enough eye to realize there really exists a difference in authenticity. In college, (and not really any recently, thank God), I witnessed plenty a lady boasting, "Oh, it's REAL," regarding a canvas "Louis Vuitton" barrel bag that was in fact, straight from the sidecarts of New York City. It's one thing to buy fake and silently know it, but to be dishonest and boldly try to convince admirers that you spent $800 on that bag with the brass zipper that broke a week after you got it is just annoying to me. To each his own, I suppose.

Remember the scene in "He's Just Not That Into You," when Bradley Cooper is convincing Jennifer Connelly to save money in their home renovation by choosing laminate floors instead of authentic hardwood... once he confesses that laminate is one-third of the cost of hardwood, she smiles knowingly and replies, "Still wanna go with the real wood!" It's kinda like that for me.

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But there are a few, tiny exceptions. One of those exceptions for me is costume jewelry. Exhibit A: I fell in love with this necklace last year:

J. Crew. $150. Uh yeah... not happening. Not to mention the fact that I craved this puppy in multiple colors--how could I justify a rent payment on a handful of necklaces? Again... just no. Let's not even discuss the quality of J.Crew and how it's spiraled out of control... two words: tissue tees. Two more words: cashmere sweaters. I swear I'm not a 6-year-old playground tyrant, and yet I can't help but find teeny holes in nearly every J. Crew top I buy. I've slowly put a halt to my influx of J. Crew buys... or at least hesitated. Needless to say, I wasn't going to splurge on one necklace of questionable quality at a price of $150, let alone several of them.

Cue the magical, fantastical gates of eBay! And the colorful, mass producing land of China! I stumbled across a seller on eBay (thanks to my sweet friend, Angela) and within about two weeks, I had two of the necklaces on my doorstep for about $30 total. I ordered the necklace in black and in blue, and was pretty impressed with the quality. The necklaces are quite heavy and the gold features aren't brassy or too yellow. I can't wait to wear them! (and just like Ang, I removed the tiny disc boasting "J.Crew" because it's just not J. Crew, y'all!) I didn't want them because they're J. Crew... so in my own mind of justifying the purchases and whatnot, this didn't seem like an outright FAKE GARB purchase. Just a fashion-minded girl wanting a pop of color at a discount rate, you feel me?

So, you can see where I deemed this an okay exception. Like I said, to each his own. Or her own.

Pretty sure the allure of these bold and funky trinkets would melt away the second I saw it draped around a man's shoulders.

What do you think of not-quite-designer stuff?


  1. I agree with the fake bags...it really irks me to no end when someone is boasting about a fake bag. I'm all, girl I can't afford it either, shut up. hahaha

  2. exactly! I had a roommate in college who had countless "louis vuitton" bags... with frayed straps and tarnished hardware and broken zippers.

  3. I completely agree with you! I'm just not the type to spend a lot of money on expensive things, so I would do what you did with the necklaces. I do have one Coach bag that I bought three years ago with birthday money on clearance, and I will use it until it's broken, at which point I will very likely buy another. I like Coach, obviously. The price tag? Not so much. But I believe in quality over quantity, & I like Coach not because it's brand-name or expensive, but because it lasts.


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