Tuesday, January 17, 2012

recap of 2k11. (finally!)

Now that January is about half over, it's about time to recap the past year, right? (and it's only fitting that this is my 200th post!!)

In college (and before), it's so easy to gauge success in life, usually marked by high grades or other social or extracurricular accomplishments. After your diploma's in hand (or adorning a wall, as it is), life gets a little muddier than you anticipate. It isn't blocked off into these neat little semesters and holiday breaks that help to mark victories and struggles. Instead, you're surrounded by job deadlines, weddings and the beginning and ending of life--and it's just all-around, a little messier. We had six weddings to attend last year... yeah, by most standards, when you're in that post-graduation wave of people getting hitched, six weddings is a meager responsibility to sign on for. However--consider the fact that my standing date is 800 miles away from me, and it's a bit more challenging to meld schedules. Meanwhile, back to the subject at hand...

2011 was a pretty solid year for me. I know many of you are all, "eh, take it or leave it," but considering the tumultuous ebb and flow of my life events over the past handful of years, I venture to say that 2011 was a bit of a slam dunk for me.

Prior to last year, my life's relatively recent snippets look a little like this, beginning in the summer of 2008:

Graduate college. Move to Birmingham. Break off engagement. Move home to Texas. Get a job in Dallas. Move to Dallas. Hate Dallas. Lose job. Move home. Struggle with unemployment. My Mimi passes away. Land my dream job.

With lots and lots and lots of smaller details peppering the ride.

And here we are... my 2011 was all about how I:

  • kept a job I love and continue to appreciate and treasure. I adore my boss, love my coworkers, love my environment, savor what I do. The feelings are all magnified a zillion times over by the crazy success my school's athletic programs are experiencing right now.

[impromptu press conference. RGIII, post-Heisman win. spectacular icon via congress clothing. braving the rain at the BU/UT game w/ Courtney, my BU sports BFF.]

  • mastered chopsticks. hey--sounds silly, maybe, but this was a serious challenge for me, pre-domination. now I can pinch my tempura roll like I was raised in tokyo. be jealous.
  • got bangs. again, sounds a bit irrelevant, but I really take pride in being comfortable with myself, and maybe not "experimental" with my clothes and appearance, but "confident," to be sure.
  • found a church I absolutely love. It's home to me.

[robbie seay band concert at my church.]

[my first "adult" christmas! ...seriously never had my own tree and such. loved every second of this holiday.]

  • went to round top for the first time ever, dove into lots of DIY projects...

  • joined a spin class. Loved it and can't wait for the next one!
  • got ahead of my bills, started my 401k. (a huge deal, after being laid off in 2009)
  • logged many an hour with my sweet mister, growing, loving, laughing & planning.

[quite possibly, one of my favorite pictures of this guy. november 2011.]

  • welcomed my little milo into our fam.

  • read plenty, and learned from books I loved.
  • drew closer to my family & coworkers.

[working with my dad. coworkers at my birthday lunch. with my sweet boss at an event.]

  • loved, laughed and grew closer to several blogging friends.
  • found a therapist whom I trust and adore.
  • got my macbook... which was stolen... and then recovered (which I apparently never finished explaining... to be continued! eventually!)

Overall, I think it's safe to say that 2011 was pretty spectacular to me. I'm beyond fortunate to be surrounded by so much love and joy, opportunity and challenge. I hope that you're as excited about the upcoming year as I am.

2012, let's see what you've got!

(forgive the random bullet points and janky spacing! not sure what's up with blogger!)

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