Monday, February 20, 2012

glimpses of the weekend.

A quiet weekend at home--not a single demand hovering in mind--is such a rarity. There's always an obligation slapped on the calendar... an event to work at Baylor, weddings and showers, meeting up with friends for a game or dinner, jet-setting to Nashville... even if I end up having the weekend all to myself, it's usually accompanied by an endless list of to-do's, the simplicities of life that need tending to. This weekend did not fall under that umbrella... and oh my gosh, did I savor the time to myself.

The weather was fairly ominous for most of the weekend, which set the ideal tone to waste two-and-a-half days joyously doing nothingabsorb the solitude and even rarer thunder and showers that uncharacteristically showed up, and then elected to stick around for a bit.

So, I had myself quite a weekend. I dare say it was pretty perfect. I did all the things I normally do--but I did them with purpose. With consideration. I didn't rush through every single task, every moment of the day, eager to cross off the demands of the day. I am a type-A, list-making extraordinaire... I mean, I make a living by being a planner. Even on my slow days, my mind is at 90 miles per hour... so slowing down to deliberately spend my time is alien territory.

I have been really trying to peacefully approach life lately. Forgive the granola vibe over the post, I just find that I, personally, am a much happier and brighter spot in this world when I am truly living and breathing the world around me. I've always anticipated that next phase of life, that next weekend, that next trip, that next goal. By no means have I wasted my 26 years by not soaking them up, but that's a big fear of mine. To wake up one day, years from now, and wonder how I spent my 20s, my 30s. What did I make of those precious years of life? What will I recall? Did I live them, or just succeed at accomplishing some things in that arena of life? I'm wholeheartedly striving to be more deliberate in just living.

I took the gorgeous Valentine's arrangement that my sweet boyfriend surprised me with, and I tossed the tulips (I'll post a pic later of the whole bouquet... it literally made me gasp), as they were kaput. I took what remained, snipped and shuffled and created a petite, pretty arrangement for my nightstand. It still smells amazing and is a reminder of his adoration, thoughtfulness, and support.

I sipped on my bold roast coffee, instead of gulping it down. I sampled different ratios of creamer to sugar to milk, using my bubble-maker (NO clue what the actual name is for this device) to stir up some latte action.

I logged lots of phone time with ST, and thoughtfully decided what to cook for my Saturday dinner--instead of yielding to what was available and thawed out (lemon-pepper salmon and sautéed spinach won out!).

I cleaned my entire house and then cluttered up the kitchen again by baking my favorite banana bread... and threw in some chocolate chips for balance.

I spent the entire day, cuddled up with Maizie and Milo, brushing through their fur and working on "sit. stay." (and their favorite: "treats??"). They bring so, so much irreplaceable sweetness into my life... their playfulness and spirit are a reminder that they won't be young and spunky forever either. They are both fantastic reminders of how joyful the simplicities of life can be. I love having these dogs to live with, to love on.

I started "The Hunger Games" on my Kindle and can't put it down! I know I must be the last chick on the planet to start this series, but as a general rule, as a movie-buff-but-bookworm-first, I try to finish books before their movies premiere. If I don't, I tend to not read at all (see: Time Traveler's Wife, My Sister's Keeper).

I erased my remaining Valentine's decor and came up with a March theme... Complete with countdowns (see what I mean? February 19th, and I'm already living in March)...

We spent the day with the sweet, almost-spring air wafting through our home, tickling the curtains and sneakily carrying the aroma of warm banana bread throughout every room.

Milo and Maizie took great pleasure in barking at every. single. thing. that trespassed on our street as well (including, but not limited to: dogs and their walkers, bicyclists, birds, dead leaves, forgotten candy wrappers, butterflies, and the like...)

We ventured outside at one point to find a surprise sprouting of pretty purple blooms alongside my west wall... no doubt, planted by my Mimi years ago.

And finally, we wrapped up the evening with a fine gourmet meal, Pinterest-browsing and more Kindle-reading. In a word? Wonderful.

My life is so often marked by the plane rides and the work receptions, meetings, happy hours and other endless obligations. It was fantastic to just slink off the radar for a couple of days to focus on the seemingly-small parts of my life... the ones that actually make me who I am, the ones that warm my heart, and make me extra grateful for this era of life.

I hope your weekend--as in eventful or hectic as it may have been--was fantastic!

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm in love with this whole post. Very well written, I must say!!

    I always love the lazy days when I have nowhere to go, no obligations, and I can just have time to relax myself. :)

  2. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered - I'm more relaxed just reading this :)


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