Thursday, March 1, 2012

another weekend in nashville.

My home away from home grows increasingly warmer and more familiar with every weekend trip. It dawned on me, as I slipped back into my normal routine here in Texas a day or so ago, how accustomed to Nashville I've become... how I've familiarized myself with the geography, the attitudes of different neighborhoods, the local jargon. It's truly become a different home for me, and I just love that.

This past weekend, I was all kinds of fortunate to spend four long days, indulging in the niches of the city and sharing lots of face time with ST. Thursday night, I even had the opportunity to have a quick bite with a few bloggers I've chatted with throughout the past few years. Initially, I was slightly intimidated, jumping into a posse of girls who are so tight-knit, but they were incredibly welcoming, hilarious, and all-around, just genuinely sweet women. Thanks again for having me, Caroline, Dishy, Shasta, Megan and Danielle. It makes me so happy y'all had such a fabulous time in Nashville!!

Back to the boyfriend... It's funny to me, the naysayers I've encountered, when it comes to discussing long distance relationships.

Isn't it so hard? Well, yeah. But don't they say that anything worth having doesn't typically come easy?

Would I trade him for anything? Not in a million.

Life happens, and sometimes the circumstances are against you. What do you do? I've never been the type to skip down the easy path. I very nearly always choose the hard way... And it'd seem that, that trait resonates loud and clear here too. But he and I have it so good, too. We know each other in ways that couples who aren't on the phone for 6 hours a day can't possibly know each other. We still have the butterflies when waiting at the airport for each other to drive up. We have an appreciation for the in-person time that so quickly seems to fall away when you get your one-on-one time on a daily basis. Being in this relationship, sometimes, has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm a passionate, needy, loving person... so to take away the ability to feel the warmth of his hand on the small of my back, or to hear his laughter NOT filtered through a phone speaker, takes away a little piece of me. But this relationship is--unequivocally--one of the best things I've ever committed to. I didn't want to sign on for easy, and I haven't. But what we have is good. It is so, so, so very good.

Meanwhile, back to our weekend... we found time to skip on over to one of our favorite new-ish restaurants. Burger Up is a rustic little burger joint tucked away in one of my favorite parts of town. The food is always unbelievable, the atmosphere is very "Nashville" to me--warm, inviting, but edgy and trendy in a totally unobnoxious way. If you're in the area, you must visit... order the Woodstock with a Mexican Coke.

After our feast, we tried Las Paletas (finally!--I had plum, he had Mexican chocolate chip) and were pleasantly surprised. We finished the afternoon off with a tour of Olive & Sinclair, a local chocolatier (some of their biggest distributors are Whole Foods and Williams-Sonoma). It's damn near impossible to pick a favorite, but their Mexican cinna-chili chocolate is highly addictive.

We played in east Nashville and braved the traffic for a night at home.

We carried on like a couple of tourists and visited the Frist Center, for the first time. I'm a definite art lover (as is he), but some of it was a little too extreme for us. We had a really great time, traipsing from room to room, him asking me, "okay, first impression--which one is your favorite in this room?" or "which one of these would you put in our living room?" He always has this knack for making adventures out of the simplest of days. I love that.

We trekked down Broadway, and stopped in for sweet treats at Mike's Ice Cream. We stopped in to Hatch Show Print (as we'd never been) to browse the countless show posters they've churned out for years and years. We spent Sunday at the church we've grown to love and made time to watch a few movies too (Gone, In Time, The Rum Diary).

We spent the evening jamming to Randy Rogers Band at Mercy Lounge. Mixing Texas country and my love for Nashville was a first, a unique experience that I completely savored. It truly made Nashville feel utterly and totally like home to me. Not to mention, having my guy listen to (and enjoy!) music that's rooted in my home state, sipping on Miller Lite with me--swoon (he is most certainly NOT a beer man). We had such a blast.

We feasted at our favorite sushi place and shared wine at a new Italian joint. Food is more than enough to get us excited--that's how I know it's going to work with this guy. :)

And when it was time to wrap up the weekend, the dogs chose his lap over mine. Can you believe that?

Leaving Nashville to come home never really gets any easier. The sharp pain of missing him is dulled a little, knowing this is our routine, but the ache is still there. I've grown so much in this relationship, learned so much about myself in the past few years. And right now, I can happily attest that I feel so lucky to have something that's so gratifyingly sweet in my life, that it pains me to have to miss it. The fabulous weekends amount to so much more than mini-vacations and memorable meals. The distance between us exaggerates the milestones a bit, painting how obvious our relationship is being built, block-by-block, drawing us nearer to one another.

I love Nashville dearly, but I love that guy who calls Nashville home way, way more.

Hope you've had a fantastic week!


  1. You two are precious. Next time you are in Nashville, we MUST get together!! =)

    Keep Shining,

  2. I love this. I did long distance for over a year(ended because of reasons unrelated to the distance) Distance, though hard, is totally fun, unique and worth it if your truly love someone, it'll definitely make your relationship so much stronger and appreciate when you guys are together. I learned to also love and appreciate a city that wasn't my own so much. Whenever I think of that place I smile :)


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