Wednesday, March 28, 2012

bathing beauties 2.0.

More swimsuit ogling about to commence.  I started here with my initial reviews of Anthro bikinis, but it'd be remiss of me to sing praises of swimwear without giving proper accolades to the mothership, Victoria's Secret.

Here are a handful that I adore... bonus: they're affordable, and I've never had an issue with sizing or poor quality. I have bought a suit (or three) from VS for the past several years, and don't sense a changing of the habit anytime soon!

Mint is crazy popular for this season, and I immediately fell in love with this set. I think there's an unwritten rule somewhere that swimwear has to be bold and bright, but I love the subtlety of this hue, and I really love the bow accenting on the top. Super feminine.

I've wanted a yellow, polka-dot bikini for as long as I can remember, but have never found one that I just loved. I think this one is perfect--dots are a great size, (see what I mean? picky about the dot proportion? yes.), the color is just bright enough, but not neon (not a fan of the neon trend, sorry0, and the silhouette is flattering. Maybe this is the summer for that investment.

Loving the idea of a leopard print suit. Again, I've always sort of wanted one, but the styles bordered on too racy. This one is very retro chic... great style and the print is pretty (you know what I mean... sometimes leopard print is too, I don't know, cheap-looking... and don't even get me started on colored leopard print).

I tend to gravitate toward halter styles, but have love for the bandeau silhouette as well. I love the crochet eyelet look--very beachy, and dainty. This version is sold in white, but I prefer the pool blue.

Are you a VS loyalist too?

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