Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bathing beauties.

I haven't exactly figured out where my affinity for swimwear is rooted. With each passing year, and the realization that I most certainly do not have the same body I did at 17, you'd think I wouldn't be as eager to peel down and jump into a two-piece (note: it must be mentioned that in no way, shape, or form do I enjoy the blinding, fluorescent lights humiliating me within the confines of a dressing room. not ever.).

But, in true Anthro form, I'm smitten with this season's sassy swimwear (alliteration much?). Here are my favorite picks:

Love the bold colors, the cinched bottoms, the unique neckline. So simple, but yet a lot different than all the basic two-pieces out there.

Okay, honestly... I don't love the print on this one, but I think the bottoms are adorable. Bandeau tops aren't my BFF by any means either. I just love the ties on the bottoms... and the pops of orange and aqua.

Super cute and retro! I haven't worn a one-piece since I was a lifeguard, but this is such an adorable option. Love the gingham and the uber-flattering cinching throughout. So very Marilyn.

I guess I'm a sucker for the solids, but I think this is so elegant. The sliding bands allow adjustments for more (or less) coverage. This set seems so timeless and honestly, the deep charcoal color isn't going to clash on anyone's skin tone.

Definitely my absolute favorite!! The epitome of frills and femininity. Yes, the tan lines would be atrocious, and a spray tan is completely necessary, but I am in love with this suit like whoa. The little ruffles are reminiscent of the flourishes on a baby's suit, but I think the top's ruffle bib and the delicate print are just the bottom line in girlishness. I can't say enough about this suit!

Have you already picked out a favorite for this summer? Do you hoard them like I do? (I really need to purge the bathing suit drawer...)

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  1. The top swimsuit (in the orange) is so cute! I love it!! Swim suits are my favorite, but I don't wear them enough to warrant even buying a new one this year. Now that I don't live in the city I don't have a pool at my house and I'm going to really miss that this summer.


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