Tuesday, March 13, 2012

here lately.

After the past few weeks of jet-setting to Nashville, having Sean here with me, hosting KP here in Texas, work, and just the general wave of everyday life, I've enjoyed a quiet lull of predictable days, marked by time in the office and the budding of insanely gorgeous, springtime weather. I appreciate the occasional weeks of no actual plans, because it honestly gives me the opportunity to savor the little things around me.

Yesterday, on my drive home from work, I was coasting down the open highway, nothing but acres of lush farmland and the occasional tiny house, peppering the road side. I noticed a baby goat, grazing alongside the barbed wire fence and stopped at the next driveway (hopefully the owner's?) to let the man in the driveway know about his errant farm animal. It's little things like this that make me cherish living in the middle of nowhere country. And then when I climbed my happy self off my couch to go run, I was greeted with this view on the last stretch, back toward my house. Unbelievable.

This past weekend, I completely indulged in holing up at home. It was raining incessantly, which provided me with more than enough reason to play hermit for 48 hours. So I baked banana bread (with mini peanut butter cups!),

and made some chicken noodle soup from my favorite recipe ever.

Saturday evening, I babysat for a dear friend. This endeavor resulted in lots of Wii time, as well as pulling out board games I haven't seen in a decade. Needless to say, I dominated (a little).

I snuggled with my sweet puppies and when the sun finally came out, I couldn't tear Milo Bear away from the window. Sweetest thing ever, right?

This week is spring break, so the office is basically a ghost town. We spent yesterday morning, priming our brackets for the upcoming tournament. Sic 'em, Bears!!!! and um, yes, my bracket will most definitely be color-coded.

In other news,
  • since everyone under the sun is blogging about Instagram, I thought I'd give it my two-thumbs-up, too. Instagram is a social networking for all you amateurish photogs out there. Snap a pic, filter it with a snazzy effect, then 900 of your closest friends can comment on it. I'm making it sound not nearly as fun as it is, but it's highly addictive. I love it. Even better, with sites like Printstagram and Stickygram, you can turn your photos into sweet little coffee table books and magnets. You can count on me doing that in the near future.
  • I love essie's new spring collection. I want every single one of them--especially "orange, it's obvious" (does that surprise you though, really?)
  • I've been on a t-shirt buying kick lately... now that I've skedaddled on out of college and purged myself of the dozens I acquired, I'm a t-shirt snob. Hey, if you haven't worn the uber-soft American Apparel tees, you probably won't get what I'm saying here. But really? Trust me. here are a few of the ones I've snagged...and yes, feel free to note the Austin love.

  • My BFF Jorden sent me this hilarious blog last week. If you're a fan of hilarious gifs, this page has been created for you.
  • I'm addicted to the idea of planting a little collection of something. Herbs? Flowers? Haven't decided. But what I have decided is, that aforementioned greenery MUST be housed in these adorable pots. (these too!) LOVE.
  • This necklace from Stella & Dot is a classic, I know... I'm late to class, but I think I need it in my life.
  • What's your favorite part of spring? I'm excited to be running the Bearathon (with ST!) in a few weeks--the weather is insanely beautiful here in Texas, a sure sign of 100+-degree temps in oh, about a month. But I love the warmth that we get about 8 months out of the year. I'm so looking forward to wedges and sandals. All the more reason to spoil myself with new nail polish, yes?
  • Are you a fan of Spotify? I introduced it to my work BFF, Joi, last week, and homegirl is hooked. As I explained it to her, it's basically the new version of Pandora. Make your own playlists, listen to your friends' playlists (it syncs through Facebook, so you can stalk your friends' musical interests). Better yet, there's an iphone app, and you can listen as you work out, drive home, whatevs. If you need an invite, let me know! Again, it's highly addictive.

What little things do you have going on in life??


  1. I color-code my brackets, natch. I doubt you'll like some of my choices, though... ;)


  2. sooo that tumblr is the funniest thing ever, and i totally wasted an hour of my day at work looking at it and laughing obnoxiously :)

    1. that's because it's completely legit! :) I spent waaaay more time on the site than that, so you're good in my book.

  3. So I'm obsessed with Spotify and Instagram... and those Essie colors are pretty! The beauty store here is always about 1 or 2 seasons late on getting the latest polish colors. It is so dumb.


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