Wednesday, March 28, 2012

morning jams.

My morning playlist resembles that of a 13-year-old girl... and I don't care in the slightest. Selena and Carly Rae know how to churn out some pretty catchy tunes, and I like to think that the addition of Natasha Bedingfield--bubble gum as she may be--and Coldplay make it a teensy bit more reflective of a yuppie post-grad lifestyle, and not so much one from the Nickelodeon set.

1. animal - neon trees :: oldie, but goody. it's impossible for me to hear the intro of this song and not smile. in other news, when this song came out, I kinda hated it. weird, what a couple years will do, right?
2. domino - jessie j :: basically, my favorite song for the past six months or so. as if it's possible for it to be more enticing, I recommend listening with your sunroof open, wind mangling your hair into a twisted mess--it's somehow even more addictive.
3. neon lights - natasha bedingfield :: yes, I'm aware her "pocket full of sunshine" most likely chased a large demographic of music lovers away, but this song is so sweet. made me return to NB and trust her with my ears again (trivia: this song plays at the closing credits of "what's your number?" and yes, I DID shazaam it to find out all about it.)
4. bad - the cab :: randomly heard it on the radio one of the 12 times I've listened to the radio in the past few months. I added it to a spotify playlist that day and haven't looked back.
5. bang bang bang - selena gomez :: although she uses the word "swagger" in her lyrics, I still think this one is adorable. warning: high likelihood of causing exaggerated dancing in the car.
6. call me maybe - carly rae jepsen :: my work posse is obsessed with this one... although I think it is hinging on "overplayed" already... completely encompasses how a crush plays out.
7. modern love - matt nathanson :: his voice is like syrup. add the guitar and funky vibe, and I'm sold. love, love the lyrics.
8. little too much - natasha bedingfield :: another addictive, sappy love fest from NB.
9. like a love song - selena gomez :: yes, it's way overplayed. no, I haven't gotten sick of it yet.

What songs do you kick start your day to, lately?

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  1. love this. you know my thoughts on Jessie J & Ms. Gomez and I'm LOVING 'call me maybe'... maybe because Ms. Gomez is IN THE VIDEO


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