Tuesday, March 6, 2012

visitor from afar.

This past weekend, my dear friend Kristen came in allll the way from Alabama to stay with me and take a Tour de Texas... she'd actually never been here, can you believe it?! We had such a good time. It's a rarity, me stepping outside of work events and Nashville trips, to host someone in my little casa, but I loved having a weekend devoted solely to girl time. And to showing off my teeny corner of Texas.

Upon picking Kristen up from the overwhelmingly huge Waco airport, we trekked immediately to a downtown hole-in-the-wall for drinks and snackeroos. We met up with two of my closest Waco friends, and two of their friends. The dynamic was different, sure--and I was the one who knew most of the chicks I was with--but we had so. much. fun. I don't think five minutes passed all night where someone wasn't erupting with hysterical giggles. We planned a bit of an adult "progressive dinner," where we began at point A for appetizers, B for dinner, C for beverages, etc... it was Courtney's idea--and it was genius.

{kelly, courtney, kristen, me, joi, lindsey}

{kp & me}

Saturday, we spent the afternoon scrounging at some of my favorite junk stores, before venturing to Ninfa's for lunch. I found a vintage scale and Dr. Pepper crate--two things I've been on a quest for, for months. KP was my good luck!

Fro-yo at the best place in town was a must... I'll let you guess which one was mine.

We had a low-key night Saturday, complete with flowing moscato, chick flicks and pedis.

(...and puppy snugs.)

Sunday, we were headed to church until I had a momentary freakout when I couldn't find my purse. After about 10 minutes of meltdown, followed by a smidge of clarity, I realized I left it at Ninfa's the day before (I was carrying my wallet, thus was still able to spend like there'll be no tomorrow). So once we were late to church, we headed to brunch at Olive Branch, one of my favorite cafe-esque places in Waco.

Upon leaving, we spotted a car with a bumper sticker that was just too good to not capture for all posterity.

And it seemed very Texas, too.

We spent the remainder of Sunday afternoon, hitting up the places that we missed on Saturday--and I was even talked into abolishing my "NO TOMS" rule... I think I'm going to invest in these puppies for summer time!

We rounded out the evening at Rudy's, because, simply stated, KP wanted to try some "Texas barbecue."

Monday, we hit the road for Austin! My favorite city in the world! We met up with another friend, Julie, for lunch at the Snack Bar. She's such a doll, and I just adore her. We had such a good time together.

We jaunted around downtown a bit before lunch, so I'm sure it was a little overwhelming for a first timer. The Snack Bar's on South Congress, which is just about the most fun place in Texas...

South Congress provides so, so much to see... which led us to the mothership. Sweet Lord, I love Kendra Scott. Kendra was in Canada yesterday, so we didn't get to meet her, but her headquarters store is unbelievable. I was somehow able to resist the glittery gems, but KP went back to Alabama with plenty of goodness in tow. All kindsa jealous.

...I talked her into getting a pair of *real* boots too. They're Luchesse's and they're gorgeous.

We snagged Keep Austin Weird shirts (how I've never had one, I have no clue... it's pretty much a staple around here)...

...and snacked on Whole Foods gelato.

I was so, so happy to host Kristen in my hometown. Having a girlfriend in town to hang out with made me feel like I was in college again... she's so very bubbly, laid-back and just fun be around. I put her back on a plane after big hugs, and headed back to my sweet, little, empty house... and was asleep before midnight!! I was exhausted--it was a fabulous weekend!

Hope yours was just as wonderful!


  1. I big fluffy pink heart love you!!! I had the BEST time! Thank you for being such a fabulous host. Words can't express how great of a time I had! Can't wait until next time!!!!

  2. GAH I also am fairly "meh" on Toms but saw a girl walking last summer in a navy pair of those wedges and STOPPED HER in the middle of the street (we were in a crosswalk no lie) to be like ARE THOSE TOMS DO YOU LIKE THEM ARE THEY COMFORTABLE HOW MUCH WERE THEY I LOVE THEM THEY ARE SO CUTE. She was of course really shocked by my all caps talking but assured me before we were hit by oncoming traffic that she loves them.

    note to self - do not blog comment after two glasses of wine.

    ok, three.

    1. BEST COMMENT EVER. that's totally something I would do, p.s. I overwhelm people with my occasional all-caps banter. I literally want like, 4 pair. which would technically be 8, since you know, they put them on the feet of kids without zapatos... what my question is, is: do they give the SAME shoes I buy?? I love the thought of a little fashionista overseas, donning a pair of wedges just like mine...

  3. Y'all are too cute! Looks like a fun weekend!

    I desperately want to go to Austin. You'll play tour guide for me, no?

    1. come NOW!!!! of course I will!! favorite city in the world--nash being a close second, of course... but YES. you would LOVE IT. bring soph and max too!! it's a super dog-friendly place... yes, come now. now.

  4. SO jealous!!!! What a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. It looks like you had such a fun weekend together! I'd love to hang out with you guys someday!!!! :)

    PS I still haven't tried TOMs yet. Those wedges are cute. I might have to actually try some on one day. And KP got boots??? YAY! Now I need a pic!


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