Tuesday, March 27, 2012

weekend recap.

hello, hello!

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start... I sent the Mister home this morning (at 3:30am to be exact), so the day has been a bit ho-hum.  We literally exhausted every spare minute possible (he had to be back in town by 3:30pm), so being that the late-night departure isn't the brightest idea, it at least borders on "adorable," right? This was a super quick visit (late, late Friday - late, late Monday), in contrast to the week-long rendezvous we've had as of late. After his arrival late Friday night, we emerged super early on Saturday to run Bearathon. We'd set a goal to run a 5k together sometime this year, and what better cause to contribute to, than scholarships for Baylor kids, right??

post-finish line, getting our results.

 my local BFF joi ran with us... she did amazing! totally my inspiration. her neighbs, kelsey, ran with us too.

 checking out our swag.

As you can imagine, after roughly four hours of sleep, we were pretty beat. Our run was over by 8 am, so we stopped by Lolita's for some breakfast taco situations, before I took him to my favorite little junk store, Junque in the Trunk. We scouted out the goods and he surprised me with these adorable canisters that I was eyeballing. 

We spent the remainder of Saturday relaxing, as Maizie was instructing ST here. Please note her fuzzy, little, left paw on his heart. Milo is also pictured, climbing in the left side of the frame. We grabbed dinner with my parents and caught the Hunger Games (fantastic movie, IMO... very on par with the book), and some fabulous frozen custard for the grand finale of the eve.

Just north of the movie theatre parking lot was a fantastic field, overflowing with the most vibrant bluebonnets. Gosh, I love Texas.

Sunday, after church, we headed to BJ's to watch the game. We played horribly. And unfortunately, on that day we elected to play horribly, we were playing Kentucky. That's all I have to say there.

Post game, we stopped by my parents' for ST and my Pops to evaluate an unfortunate rattling going on 'neath the hood of Ms. Alessandra. I'm proud to report, she's a tad healthier than she was a few days ago. The men in my life are some amazing people, I'll tell you what.

 And that's about it for the weekend! Yesterday, Joi, TM and I enjoyed the spring breeze and traipsed through campus en route to lunch. (and yes, I proceeded to have lunch #2 with le BF once he showed up to my office. Ain't no shame.)

  it's no coincidence her name is joi. check out that face.

 Have a wonderful week!

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