Wednesday, April 4, 2012

and I'll show you what a national championship looks like.

Last night, my Lady Bears vied for their second national championship (our first was in 2005 when I was a freshman)... we defeated Notre Dame by a score of 80-61, putting the icing on the cake of a perfect, unparalleled 40-0 season. Cue the mass chaos here in Waco. Combining our football record, and the records of both basketball teams (not to mention, that little Heisman trophy), we're at an unprecedented 80 wins this season... and I am so, so proud to be a Baylor Bear!! Cannot say it enough. (here's a fabulous article on our win last night!)

 [rgIII getting his dance on with the silver fox.]

 [I love this shot. meaning camera angle. and the ball trajectory too, I suppose.]

 [done & done.]

[all photos from Baylor Athletics' facebook page.]

 I was living it up, at my boss's casa with my work posse last night... noshing on pizza and such with the ladies. We sipped on celebratory bubs and had a fantastic night. Aside from there being a seven-year difference from the last time I witnessed a national championship basketball win, the other big change was the influx of twitter... and the tweets last night were hysterical. So, so, so many students were tweeting to email our provost and/or president, to request canceled classes today, "in honor of the win." So this little ditty was issued after midnight. I can't imagine how many emails Ken Starr and Elizabeth Davis fielded last night...

And lastly, and maybe most importantly--just like in 2005--the kids did us proud and burned couches in the streets. I missed the memo that in order to adequately celebrate a big win, one must riot in the streets and burn living room furniture, but who am I to play the adult card here?? Let's be real here, I LOVE IT.

[photo discovered on facebook from an actual passerby. sic em, indeed.]

I just love Baylor so much... GO BEARS!!!!

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  1. Sounds like our city--burning couches and cars in the streets! I guess that's what people do when Nat'l Championships are won! Way to go Baylor!


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