Wednesday, April 11, 2012

back to the real world.

Another fabulous weekend in Nashville is over... ST and I had a sweet-although-way-too-short couple days of lounging, Easter festivities, and noshing, per the usual.

driving, driving, driving.

gorgeous East Texas day.

Milo was over it.

finally! Love this sign so much.




 Playing with Cary... little man is growing up so, so fast.

I made the ever-so-wise decision to begin my 800-mile trip home around 6 pm last night, so I was able to crawl into bed around 5:30 am before heading back to work this morning. I make some incredibly brilliant decisions sometimes, lemmetellya.

Speaking of which, around midnight as I was crossing on into the Lone Star State, I got off the phone with ST as I told him I was darting into a rest stop parking lot to relax momentarily as I was feeling pretty groggy. I recalled the blue interstate sign, letting me know the rest stop was approaching in one short mile, and the very next thing I recall, my car was halfway in the ditch on the right side of the highway. I steered to the left to correct and realign on the road, but managed to hit a patch of water (why wouldn't I hit a patch of water?) and my car completely spun around, facing the wrong way, positioned haphazardly on the opposite shoulder of the eastbound lane I'd been driving in. I sat totally stunned for a few minutes, heart busting out of my chest, breath increasingly heavy and quickened. An 18-wheeler sped past my car not 10 seconds after I'd ended up on the shoulder. My hands wouldn't stop shaking. The dogs were immobilized, just laying in my lap, petrified. When I snapped back into realizing what had just happened, I started the car and turned around. I realized my driver's side backseat window was wide open, and instantly thought I'd hit something to knock it out. Then I noticed that one of the pups must have stepped on the window button in the console. I recollected, drove until I could park and walk around, examine the car and allow the pups to stretch and breathe a bit. Thankfully, my car was unharmed--just splattered with copious amounts of thick mud.

Moral of the story? Even if you're the teensiest bit tired, pull over. For the love of everything, pull over. It isn't worth risking your life to make it to your destination a teensy bit sooner. I was maybe 6 out of 10 on a sleepy scale, 10 being unconscious to the world... I've been much sleepier before, but just talked myself into powering through. This was beyond stupid of me. I've never had such an alarming experience in a car... and while I thank God I wasn't hurt, and my puppies were unharmed, I could've very easily jeopardized the life of someone else on the highway. I prayed for most of the remaining 250-mile drive home. Every single time I scaled a bridge, or noticed an embankment or hillside flanking the road, my heart caught in my chest. About two miles beyond the site where I nearly wrecked, there was an overpass set atop a 20-feet embankment. I kept thinking that if my timing was just slightly different, I could have lost my life. My situation could have been so, so much worse. Needless to say, my grogginess subsided and pure adrenaline revved my attention span for the remaining five-hour drive. Even today, I can't stop thinking about how fortunate I was. I didn't get hurt, I didn't hurt anyone, the dogs are unharmed, I didn't plummet off a bridge or slam into a guardrail, and yes, as materialistic as it sounds--my car is totally fine. I know the Lord was watching over me in a moment of questionable judgment on my part, and I just can't shake the horrifying feeling of skidding across Interstate 30.

Please, please be careful. The entire experience lasted less than 10 seconds. From the time I got off the phone with Sean to the time I called him back after it had happened was about nine minutes. It took virtually no time at all for me to nod off, and then snap awake to realize what was happening. Be careful. I can't say it enough.

In other news, I hope you had a fabulous, relaxing Easter! This little bit of gold is circling the internet, and I must say, it's rivaling the greatness of Antoine Dodson and Latarian Milton.

The work posse and I are already quoting the "I ain't got time for that!" for every single possible occasion.


  1. GIRL OH MY GOODNESS!!!! So thankful you are safe as are your fur babies!!! What a wake up call, pun intended. Great reminder for all late night drivers to (as I saw on a sign once) "Stay awake for safety's sake!"

  2. GIRL!!!! Oh my Lord, I am so glad you and your pups made it home ok!!

  3. So glad you're okay!!! That's so scary, and definitely a big reminder to pull over when you start feeling drowsy!! I can only imagine how shaken up you must have been! And that video is hilarious!!!! I hadn't seen it yet!

  4. OMG, I'm so glad you are okay. Drowsy driving is hard, and as unsafe as it is, I admit to doing it way more than I ever should. Long distance relationships make doing this so much worse because you want to spend as much time as possible with your bf, but it ends up being to your detriment when you drive home. I get that :(

  5. What a SCARY story!!!! So glad you weren't harmed. That video is amazing. Bless her heart. "SWEET JESUS!"


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