Wednesday, May 23, 2012

brain purge.

My head is in so many places right now. I was flipping through my planner a few nights ago and realized... umm, holy crap--after I get this move out of the way, my stress will basically dissipate. I love that, in a sense... but at the same time, over the next week, I am drowning in a pool of appointments, demands, deadlines and farewell parties.

I went to the dentist today. I hate going to the dentist. My dentist is a wonderful, sweet, skilled man... unfortch, I had a traumatizing incident with a different dentist over a decade ago, and due to that hour of my life, I will forever be ridiculously anxious when I step into a dentist's office. When I think of finding a new dentist in Nashville, I nearly break out in hives. Cross that bridge when we get there... (get it?! like dental bridge? OMG, I'm hilarious.) But, on the "adult and responsibility" scoreboard, I feel like I earned points today, capitalizing on my remaining insurance and taking care of the filling that needed replacing. See, it can be fun getting old!! (...ahem. slash not really).

Milo was neutered yesterday. I'd put it off and put it off, because I hate the idea of my baby puppyman being in pain, but once I did my research and realized it'd cost me triple to have the surgery done in Nashville, I decided to cram one more thing into my schedule. I was worried about him all day, but I'm happy to report that he's totally healthy... and he hasn't even shown signs of hating me for confiscating his man bits.

post-op pup, relaxing on my desk at work.

patiently awaiting his ice cream reward for being so good.

Mother's Day with my family was wonderful. We were totally surprised with the California branch of our family popping in for the weekend (my uncle had a training seminar in Oklahoma City, so my Uncle Gerry and Aunt Lisa drove down to our neck of the woods to spend the weekend catching up with my parents). We had a weekend of catching up and brunching. It was lazy and full of love, and highlighted every bit of why I love my family so much.

 joshua, cheesing it up for me.

the sweetest boys I know... joshua and logan.

love, love, love being outside. 

 we annihilated every dandelion in my parents' yard. no mercy.


 we had a ball... little man tuckered out, and I didn't move a muscle.

playing in the yard after sunday brunch.

 uncle gerry & aunt lisa!

My dearest work posse threw me a farewell fiesta this past weekend at my boss's casa. We grilled out and gorged on fajitas and sangria... what can I say? Those girls know the way to my heart. Best of all, for decor, they designed nametags (loathed by all the posse and indicative of so, so, so many of our work events) that spelled out every one of our inside jokes. Oh, and a series of photostrips featuring the rest of our jokes and moments. I love them so much. Can't imagine a better group of girls to spend my every single day with...

In other news, I've been crossing things off my Waco bucket list and just trying to soak up as much time with the people I love, while my mind is already in Nashville!!

 patio time & beeritas at mccauley's casa. (go read her new blog!)

 pups enjoying the breeze on the drive home from my parents' on sunday.

 shorty's date. per the usual.

 the lone stoplight in my sleepy little town.

 I went and visited my little mini-me at her field day last week. she was dominating left and right, natch.

 yesterday, part of the posse and I ventured to cupp's for a pretty incredible burger situation. 
got to mark one more thing off my waco to-do's!

I haven't been this excited in a really long time, and I am grateful for every opportunity that has neatly fallen into place, and every ounce of support that has rolled my way. I have so, so many people on my side, and I feel so blessed for that. In this lifetime, I've made some pretty substantial missteps, and it warms my soul so much to be confident that I have an army of people who just love me and encourage me. It overwhelms me to the point of tears... every day lately has reminded me what a lucky girl I am, honestly.

So, we're a week out! This time next week, I'll be rolling into the great state of Tennessee... here we go!!

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