Wednesday, May 9, 2012

colossal recap.

well, hello again... long time, no see! life's been a little bit hectic, ladies and gents. and by "a little bit," I mean ridiculously overwhelming and no time to breathe, let alone perch in front of a screen and yammer on about life happenings. But here I go, trying to catch up a little bit...

The past few weeks have been the busiest I've had in years, probably. Between the current job being non-stop, Nashville job interviews, roadtrips, a wedding and a baby shower, and my standard socializing, I am amazed that May is here. It's May. As in, the fifth month of the year? But, really?
So, rather than risk this post nearing the length of a textbook, I'll give you a little cliff's notes situation.

My brother got married to his long-time girlfriend back in mid-April... their wedding was adorbs, and it was such a great night with my family.


my insanely precious nephews, joshua & logan.

broseph and best man, taylor toasting the newlyweds.

my pops and logan.

 loving on little joshua.

Every year, Baylor hosts a random Thursday in April designated for heavy drinking and miscellaneous children's activities involving slip & slides and waterguns an on-campus carnival and field day in place of classes. Luckily, the staff are more than welcome to partake in the lunchtime festivities, and my little posse followed suit.

teresa, joi, amy, yours truly, megan, christineth. love these sasspots so much.

 megan & me, handling our corners of the "bull rider."

 joi bird & her standard pose. also, please notice the heinous highlighter tees. so not a fan. gross.

A few weeks back, my dear friend Katherine came in from Missouri for the weekend, and we made our way down to the ballpark on a Sunday afternoon with Courtney to watch Baylor dominate the Aggies for the last time! I'm pleased to report that the Bears swept A&M. Good riddance, fools. Oh, and Feed the Beaver.

KA, me, CP.



Court and I jaunted out to downtown one night for a girls' night... Joi met up with us later. Good times were had by all. Definite success, aside from the JITB I indulged in on the drive home... sad. (please note Joi's pose again.)


Post-church brunch has become a welcome routine to my Sunday morning... $1 Bloody Marys and Mimosas are a substantial reason. The company is even better.

Court, me, TM.



Court and I ventured down to Houston this weekend... she spent a weekend with her manfriend, I met up with my best friend in the whole wide world to help her move into her new place and throw her a fabulous baby shower. 

We had such a fabulous time, catching up and laughing. I miss my best friend so, so much... this whole adulthood thing is tough--keeping up with people you love. It's a huge blessing for me to have a sweet select few that are understanding about my hectic life, and are determined to try just as much to stay up with me as I do them. We spent the weekend moving boxes, trekking through Ulta (my first time!) and indulging in snowcones.

I'm beyond bummed that I won't be able to be in Texas for baby Jackson's debut, but you can be sure that I have prepped this little man with lots and lots o' Baylor gear.

 snowcones? always. but seriously, how freaking adorable is she?
 our prom pose.

 fried pickles = pregs chick's dream.

What better theme to center a baby shower around than Baylor sports, right? With Jorden, there was honestly no option more obvious.

 justin, jorden (& jackson!)

 jillie, jorden, me.

The pups have been providing the typical entertainment I rely upon them for... we had a vet visit yesterday, and they were abnormally wonderful. Like, so very uncharacteristically well-behaved. They were promptly rewarded with an ice cream cone from McDonald's on the drive home (and phewww for me--pups are all medicated and caught up on everything before our big move!)

 milo bear. toy destroyer (this squeak toy lasted less than 1/2 an hour.)


...and in the measly free time I've had, I've been trying to relax, soak up every experience possible in my hometown. These instances heavily surround snowcones and laughing with my work posse. (Amy printed me my little sign, and proceeded to hand-deliver it to my desk, complete with post-it message.)

 newest Kindle additions!


What have you been up to lately?

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