Thursday, May 10, 2012

just some sweetness I picked up.

In the midst of my globetrotting, I've managed to find time to pick up some sweet little goods here and there. Retail therapy is IN, y'all. And in the interest of staying current, and sharing some bargains, here's a roundup of some of my new additions...

I never understood the hype around eos lip balm, but grabbed strawberry sorbet on a whim during a far-too-routine grocery store run a few weeks ago. I doubt that it'll officially replace my go-to tube versions, but I still like it a ton, and it smells divine. It's not as balmy as I'd like, I don't think... I have to constantly reapply, but like I said--smells great, packaging is fun, scent reminds me of summertime!

In related news, I couldn't, for the life of me, find my beloved essie watermelon when I wanted to dive into a pedi sesh last week... so I solemnly replaced her. Such a fun summery pink, I couldn't convince myself to trek through the entire season without it.

Bridier Baubles has exploded throughout Twitterland--and with good reason. I saw the Britta necklace in coral and flew to the web to buy it as fast as my nimble fingers allowed. Better yet, the customer service is impeccable, and the shipping was speedy... I can't wait to wear it!!

Target has some fabulous zapatos right now... Steve Madden pumped out this style in cognac (among other shades) a few years ago, and I was immediately obsessed, but for whatever reason, I never bought them. I found these during a particularly emotional evening, so convincing myself to swipe those puppies wasn't too much of a stretch. Leopard really is the new black, you know...

And as far as wedges go, I think these are the cutest things I've seen in a while. I've worn them half a dozen times already.

My obsession with jeans is unparalleled by any other fixation. It took months to find the ideal skinny jeans, and I try to replenish my wardrobe when I can... grabbed another pair of these last week [forever 21].


...aaaand, to the opposite end of the price spectrum, J Brand jeggings are above and beyond, the best skinnies I've ever worn. This is my second pair (in Olympia), and they are super flattering and more importantly--comfortable. They're lightweight and wearable all year round. I know the pricetag seems steep, but trust me--they can be worn with everything. Absolutely everything.


I've schemed that sherbet-colored shorts would be a staple in my summer wardrobe, and finally just indulged... Thinking these will be adorbs with a chambray shirt and my little wedges. On a side note, I'm perplexed that my vast collection of chino shorts have 3" inseams... so I sprung for a 5" inseam, to sort of test the water. I'm pretty sure all the college-era chino shorts should be retired, so here I go, experimenting with my new inseam. Riveting stuff, huh?


 Ongoing affinity for scarves continues.

 ...as does the maxi love.

 I convinced myself that this shirtdress would be ideal for work (read: a reward for my new job!), and better yet, I found it on clearance at Old Navy! Love it so much, I got it in black too. They're both fabulous with a chunky turquoise necklace. What can I say, you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the girl.


What's your summer wardrobe looking like? Anything you're eyeing lately?


  1. Love all this stuff. Please beware if I ever do meet you in person that I might swipe a bunch of it :) i LOVE eos too - its' not glossy its much more like chapstick, I agree. I have lemon and am on a mad hunt for the green melon one - the only green one I can find around me is mint. Meh.

    Also I just got chino shorts in Nantucket red #newenglandgirlproblsm and also went for that longer inseam - they're short enough to be shorts, but not too short that I look 19

    super long comment wow

  2. I love your fashion thoughts..such great style. I'm gonna miss you asking my opinions on things and vise versa. Miss you already boo!

  3. love the sherbet colored shorts!!


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