Thursday, June 28, 2012

blogging bandwagon ::: post four.

So today, Jenna is inquiring as to what we do with alllll that free time. It's damn near impossible for me to iron out only a few things, but here's what I'd have to say I love doing:

  • cooking (& eating!)
  • reading & traipsing through bookstores.
  • the kennedys!
  • writing.
  • politics & current events. meghan mccain. 
  • football... and sports in general.
  • music!
  • exploring nashville.
  • anything crafty. especially decorating.
  • traveling, near and far.
  • stationery & real mail.

For as long as I've been in this world, I've been fortunate to have lived in homes where food is king. I thank my lucky stars that I hail from such a long line of fantastic foodies, known for their specialty recipes and stained, dogeared cookbooks (I only wish I'd have mastered my Mimi's chicken & dumplings before she died in 2010). I feel most at home in the kitchen... shaking spices into heaping bowls, baking up a storm, restocking my pantry and organizing my fridge. I have an endless obsession with buying cookbooks (local ones from yard sales and knick knack shops are among the best!). I love eating about as much as I love cooking... I love discerning what ingredients were mixed to yield that particular cream sauce, I love sipping on wine while venturing beyond my comfort zone to sample a new appetizer. The days when Bon Appetit arrives at my house are among my happiest. And now? I'm so excited to be living in a place where food takes precedence over pretty much anything else. 'cept music, but you knew that.

I've been a bookworm for all of time. My dream is to one day have my own library, overstuffed chairs, expansive windows, a ladder on casters, ready to roll across the knotty plank floor at any given moment. It took me a long time to concede to getting a Kindle, but I really do enjoy it. As much as I love gadgets, my heart lives for a good book--the new (or dusty) smell, the crisp (or buttery soft) page, just the feel of it in your hands. Growing up, Jules took me to a used bookstore in my hometown where she went as a kid. Golden's offered trades, so being that I was in elementary school and had yet to secure steady employment, I'd swipe must-reads in exchange for the latest Babysitter's Club book that I had finished. I can't start a book and not finish it... and there are about 2.5 movies that are better than their book versions, IMO.


My father's daughter, I've been intrigued by politics and current events for as long as I can remember... the salacious and historical part of my mind is completely and utterly fascinated with the Kennedy family. I have read several books (see "history of a bookworm" above), and am spellbound by the family. Can't get enough.

And similarly... I love Meghan McCain and (most all of) her ideals and take on current events. I think her effervescent attitude and approach are exactly what's necessary to spearhead an interest and passion for politics and current events among youth. (and I can't wait to get her new book! ...again, see? bookworm.)


You already know I'm from Texas. The whole football fanatic thing shouldn't come as a shock, right? I love sports--I played nearly everything for the better part of a decade. There's nothing like being part of a team, and now that I play the role of fan, and not player, I love the feeling of following a team throughout an entire season. With that said, how much longer til football season?

I could never be deaf. I honestly think I'd rather be blind than deaf (as if anyone's ever granted the option). I love music with every fiber of me. I love the familiarity of song--I love being taken back to my grandparents' front porch swing, or my best friend's passenger seat and the cacophony of four girls giggling incessantly, or a college party--teeming with the aroma of spilled beer and bad decisions... again, I'm so giddy about being in a place with such an outrageously amazing music scene. Live music makes my soul light up like nothing else can... and when I can't sit front and center in front of a stage, my phone is constantly blaring spotify.

So that brings me to exploring Nashville. Enough said, right?

I live to decorate. I painted my childhood bedroom no fewer than four times, growing up. I love shopping for artifacts from days gone by, and tucking them into my design style, mixing the old with new. I love color and I love patterns... I am having a total blast, learning how to intertwine my spunky taste with ST's more classic ideas.


Traveling is something of which my parents instilled a passion in me. For as long as I can remember, they loaded all four of us up in whatever family vehicle we had at the time, and bravely scaled the countryside to end up on opposite ends of our land, all for the sake of a good old-fashioned family roadtrip. Think Griswolds. Some of the best memories of my life came from these trips, and the slew of experiences sparked a sense of wanderlust within me that runs deep and wide (no pun intended). There's something so liberating about throwing a handful of things in a suitcase, grabbing a map (or, alright... your iphone), and hopping in the car, windows down, music blaring, nothing ahead of you but open road.

 [all photos from pinterest!]

And last, but certainly not least, I love mail. I love writing letters, I love receiving letters. I love the thought that goes into scribing something that can be held--something not on our screen. As I said, I love gadgets, and I am smitten with my iphone as much as the next gal, but I will always, always take the time to write real mail. 

What about you? What do you do that makes you who you are?

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  1. so I'm coming to Nashville and we're going to karaoke bars* to chat about books. done and done.

    *oh you meant GOOD music? girl i'll saaaaang for you


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