Wednesday, June 27, 2012

blogging bandwagon ::: post two.

Per Ms. Jenna's instructions, today is all about the background on how I started blogging. I honestly don't remember the main reason behind it--like I said, when I was a spunky 18-year-old coed, I fell into the xanga trap and wrote ridiculous posts on real life problems like how overwhelmingly stressed I was, balancing days that consisted of 9 am classes and the demands of my strenuous social life. I transitioned to big kid blogging world of Blogger soon thereafter, and wrote about things that were just as menial. I briefly moved to Alabama right after graduating from Baylor, and began writing of my Birmingham exploits so that my posse back home had an easy way to keep up with me. Lo and behold, life happens and I ended up back in Waco eventually... so my blog has had many faces (and many names!) throughout the years. I finally decided on M is for Moxie, because moxie is one of my favorite words. A self-proclaimed wordsmith, the adjective describes me, spot-on, and the added cuteness of my first initial being "M" is just basically the sugar on top of a fantastic idea, amIright? I've always considered myself a writer, and blogging has just always been an ideal outlet for me. It allows me to just sit, just me--transform my mess of constant thoughts onto a screen and make sense of life somehow. It's worked out pretty well for me, so far.

I blog about a wide spectrum of topics, although I've scaled back on details about my personal life a bit. I think that's telling of life though, isn't it? As you grow and change, much like an attitude or habit, I think it's customary that something like your blogging style might change too. I want to commit to writing more in depth pieces on things that are more substantial--but as it goes, I'm a blogger, and not a journalist for Newsweek. Stay tuned on that... I hope to bring more to the table, than just the latest Kate Spade find I must have, sooner rather than later. It's so light to report back about the new line of stationery or a fun recipe, but as many things that flit through my brain waves, I owe it to myself to document something a little heavier. And as a side note, I don't blog to entertain, I don't blog for the numbers. I write because I feel like I have stories. I write because it's what I know. Of course, I like the community... but that's just an added perk for me. The words I want to splash across my screen are all my own, and I want to remain true to that.

What say you? What do you blog about?

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