Thursday, June 21, 2012

home away from home.

Apparently word is getting out about this place that I'm falling head over heels for. GQ just churned out a great spread about the hippest city in the South... and not to be outdone, the New York Times posted a fabulous article about Nashville eateries just this week.

A few years ago, Rolling Stone featured this hopping town as well...what can I say? I think they've nailed it. This place is pretty perfect for me--it's a young, hip town, but lots of family-oriented escapes. Big enough, but not overwhelmingly daunting. It's rich with culture, history, beautiful nature, MUSIC--tons of creative avenues. It's dog-friendly, there's tons of shopping, there's a significant Baylor alumni population, it's Southern, in close proximity to some of our favorite places (Birmingham, Atlanta, eastern Tennessee)... it's just fun.

Sunday, I made a huge brunch for me, ST and little man before we moseyed on down to Chattanooga for a day with family... I missed spending Father's Day with my sweet Pops, but it was a wonderful day trip.

This week has been a little nuts... my precious Alessandra was rear-ended on my way to work Tuesday. ST swooped in to save my morning and his preliminary reports suggest that the little German princess might be toast. I'm hopeful that's not the case, but now, in addition to the nagging neck-ache, he was a gem and stepped in to handle all the insurance junk for me.


Thankfully, he's got an extra vehicle he's generously cast my way--and even more thankfully, he's pimping the work van and allowed me the luxury of the sleek SUV. Bonus! But really? He's been so, so wonderful. Always the calm to my storm, and I'm grateful beyond measure to have him--and especially to have him this week. Secondly, my best friend had her beautiful son yesterday! Jackson Edward was born yesterday morning, weighing in at 10 pounds, 11 ounces... he is unimaginably perfect. So perfect. Mom is doing well, and baby is hanging out in the NICU for a while while his oxygen levels improve. Please say a little prayer that he can be tucked away in Jorden's room soon--all she wants is to be close to her little man!!

I really do love it here. We're having so much fun... ST has lived here forever, but has never explored the city like he's getting to do with me on his arm!

We're having a blast, and despite missing Texas and my family and everything out that way, I'm feeling at home here.

I'd say we're getting along just fine.

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  1. YAY! (item in the post for youuuu) ((because I forgot to mail it yesterday despite buying stamps)) (((oops)))


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