Tuesday, July 3, 2012

here lately.

Summer is sweet, isn't it? My days lately have been full of your quintessential summertime activities, and I have loved every bit of it. I've been here in Nashville for about a month, but we feel like old friends.

I'm excited to have so much on my plate for the summer--so I made a little listsy.

We met a gorgeous little goldendoodle when we ventured out to Movies in the Park last week... her name is Charlie. I totally fell in love. (my BFF is hopefully having a little pack of goldendoodles later this summer! can't wait!)

The heat in Nashville has been insane--but luckily, a lifetime in Texas pretty much prepped me for anything. I honestly don't mind the heat--I'd rather be hot than cold any day of the week. Last Friday, the temperature actually hit 109, which broke the record in Nashville... and apparently, my rental car felt the need to exaggerate a bit.


Thursday, I met up with two of my favorite Nashville girls to see Kristin Chenoweth. Homegirl was incredible... as if it were possible, I love her even more now. And each girls' night with these two is better than the last... love them, and so grateful that they've been my insta-girlfriends.

Summertime is a perfect season for lots of date nights... Burger Up is one of our all-time favorites, right next door to Las Paletas, and made for a perfect Friday date lunch. I love being in the same zip code as this guy.

Friday was Blonde Bell's birthday, so we celebrated all night long with a fabulous night on the town... how adorable is she with her man??

...and after not-so-much discussion, we've decided that the Beibs has a lesbian haircut.

Saturday ended up being "unofficial haircut day." ST and I both got haircuts, and Miss Maizie did too... she's all ready for the 4th, looking super adorbs with her patriotic bow and bandana. I am relieved to have found an awesome hair girl who listened to what I requested and did such a spectacular job. One more thing off the list! (it should also be noted here that I made it more of a priority to find a hair girl than a doctor, upon my settling down here. priorities, people.)

...splashing around with my favorite boys. We're logging pool time like someone's paying us. And it's fantastic.


 ...and I made muffins for my office girls this week. Parchment paper just makes everything better, don't you think?

... and every now and then, we'll have a lazy night at home (these two are watching little man finish his dinner so we can all have dessert)...

so yeah. I'm loving this.

How's your summer treating you??

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