Wednesday, July 11, 2012

little victories.

Today, I dared to venture out onto West End Avenue (one of the busiest areas in Nashville, for you non-locals) for a lunch date with my dearest Nashville amiga. Panera happened to be our destination of choice, and being that the locale is a mere mile from my office, I left about five minutes before our predetermined arrival time, amateur that I am. I drove around for about seven minutes before the heavens opened up and a parking space on the street was revealed to me, RIGHT in front of the restaurant. I quickly whipped the (rental) car parallel to the car in front of my space and proceeded to shimmy on into the spot. Only, after my first series of maneuvers, I realized I wasn't quite positioned where I wanted to be, so I proceeded to adjust accordingly. At this point, the 600 people sitting on the patio are playing audience to my misfortune. All that was missing was the popcorn.

I waited for the traffic to subside so that I could emerge from the driver's side, wade through my onlookers, and skip into the restaurant, being that I was late already. I realized, upon standing in line, that I hadn't fed the meter outside (I am from a tiny town in Texas, people). I dig through my duffel bag purse and find some change, clip-clop outside to punch them into the meter, and march back inside.

Okay, I'm good... I can breathe now. Now, where's C?? I smooth my skirt, stand up a little straighter. My phone buzzes, a message from C, alerting me that she's waiting at the front for me. I peck back, "I'm here!" and stand in line, waiting on my new BFF to arrive. Looking around, I notice the aroma of black beans and salsa. I squint at the menu board, yards ahead of me, and realize... yep. I'm at Chipotle.

I shuffle outside and run next door, breeze through the doors of my intended destination... and had my lunch date.

Is it Friday yet?

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