Friday, July 13, 2012

summer essentials.

summer essentials.

Ladies... I'm here with a confession--I have always reverse-discriminated against summertime. Everyone loves the laidback season of pooltime and vacations, Farmer's Markets and roadtrips. I refused to do something as uncool as take a place in the line of conformity, all in the name of liking a season, you know? Totally makes sense. Uh... no.  I absolutely claim autumn to be my favorite season, but summer has quickly taken place as a close second. Here are my absolute favorites for the season:

  1. maxi dresses. worn absolutely everywhere. so cozy, can be dressed up or down, work or date night... I am obsessed. slap on a cute pair of sandals and you're done--it's almost like you're cheating. so easy to look so good.
  2. big, baubly earrings.  I know not everyone is an earring girl, but I've always, always favored the chunky look over something more subtle. I am in love with this style from baublebar.
  3. statement necklaces. (obvi have a love for the oranges and greens) this trend cannot end. (that rhymes). but seriously? I am totally on board. My only issue is that I keep buying the corals and the greens... but on the other hand, you should have a lot of what you wear all the time, right? (also from baublebar.)
  4. lazy, straw fedoras. just bought the cutest one at j. crew last weekend--cannot wait to throw it on with chino shorts or a maxi dress. the simplest way to look chic without spending hours, messing with my mane of wavy hair.
    & amazing moisturizer (w/ SPF!).
    I am trying to be more considerate about aging and what the sun truly does to my skin. I have pretty sensitive skin, and I'm picky about what I put on it... this is the best thing I've found, for not a ton of scrilla--and I've used it for years now. It's lightweight and not greasy--and loaded with SPF 15.
  5. makeup necessities. fabulous bronzer (with a Texas theme!) and waterproof mascara. I don't leave home without bronzer brushed across these cheekbones and mascara wisped on these lashes. I know a lot of gals don't love waterproof, but in the heat, it's a must for me.
  6. hair must-haves. a great conditioning rinse and emi-jays. I'll be honest, I don't have this conditioning rinse yet, but it's on my "pining away for" list. experts say that summer brings a ton of damage to hair, mainly via the sun and all kinds of water (chlorine in pool water, especially!). the fact that it has a coconut scent is a major deal-maker for me. and emi-jays are incredible. mccauley made some for me and I am obsessed with them. have one in my purse, in the car, on my desk at work...
  7. lip stuff. like most gals I know, I feel naked without something smeared on my lips... my latest love is the eos lip balm in strawberry sorbet (just enough moisture and shine--not sticky). I recently fell in love with tarte's fever, (the perfect sheer red), and have always sworn by philosophy's mimosa (a slightly shimmery gloss that is incredible all alone, or on top of the tarte--or any other color. it's so versatile, it looks amazing with whatever makeup I'm wearing).
  8. body stuff that smells omg-so-good (coconut aromas especially. mmmm. fav.). I fell in love with the cabana girl scent at sephora last week... it screams of a sandy beach--without the grit in your swimsuit--like nothing else. and fresh's brown sugar? always been a favorite.
  9. pops of sleek nail polish. essie is my go-to. corals and bright pinks (especially watermelon!) are my go-to summer hues.
  10. wedges and flats--got a major crush on Toms lately. cannot get enough. reeeeally wanting the black crochet flats, but wondering how often I'd wear them. 

What says you? What would you die without in the summatime?!

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