Wednesday, August 22, 2012

one of the best date nights, to date.

The show was incredible. Amazing, wonderful, incredible--all I thought it'd be and so much more. There's nothing like hearing a band you admire and adore, strum away and croon in an intimate venue, full of people who admire and adore the band in the exact, quirky way you do. I've wanted to see the Lumineers live since I first heard them late last year. And last night, I actually got to, with my favorite guy on my side.

 Encore rendition of "The Weight" with Old Crow Medicine Show. 
Easily one of the best musical performances I ever witnessed. Loved this so much.

 Toward the end, the band moved to the center of the crowd for a song. So, so cool.

 Best date night ever.

 ST raced across town at the end of the show to scoop up (pun intended) Jeni's for me. 
Absolute favorite--and I'm sure I've said it 100 times--salted caramel. don't fix it if it ain't broke, right?

 Little miss was so happy to snuggle up with us once we got home.

Last night's show just encompass everything I adore about indie music... the band was genuinely loving performing for us, and expertly engaged us as an audience, despite their relatively fledgling status to the mainstream concert scene. I can't adequately sum up how awesome of an experience it was... the music, obviously, was just so hauntingly beautiful. But the whole opportunity of just being able to witness the magic of the show--in a town I love, with the man I love--was something I'll never forget.

I'm sure we'll love Mr. Mraz tonight, although I'm willing to bet the show will be significantly different... can't wait to report back!

Have you been to any shows this summer? Do you have any plans to soon?


  1. I had the same feelings about seeing Mindy in July - it's like, how are you so AWESOME at this?? And how lucky am I to be HERE and hearing this and seeing this and breathing this same air???

    Also, 16 Handles (froyo three blocks away) has salted caramel and YES. SO MUCH YES.

    1. Totally, 110% how I feel. Just so surreal and amazing.

      Um, yeah, let's start a salted caramel support group. 'Cept if that's wrong, I don't wanna be right... "SO MUCH YES."


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